DTD BBB New Makeover Option


Did anyone else see this on allears.net:
Your little Princess can now trade-in her crown for a head-set with a little help from the magic makers at the Downtown Disney Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

Disney will be introducing a brand new makeover beginning February 24th called “Disney’s Secret Star” featuring The Super Star Hannah Montana Makeover which is slated to cost $109.95. The package also includes a wig, T-shirt, head set, makeup kit, guitar purse and a photo shoot with a commemorative photo. [/I]

My little girl is going to FLIP when I tell her this!! I guess we will be going back to BBB after all!


That’s the great thing about Disney . . . they keep you coming back for MORE!!! :happy:


wow - the girls would love it! they do hannah montana makeovers at club libby lu too. (not that it’d be anywhere near as cool as in the castle, but waaaay cheaper, and still a fun option for those who can’t afford $100+).


This sounds like fun for the little ones that love HM. I guess in Sept. I should expect to see a lot of little Hannah’s running around. Thanks for the info.


I know when DD was little we would have had to do BBB at least once-this sounds just wonderful.


Wow, I just downsized my girls makeover from the $179 full do over to the $49 one (since I purchased their chosen costumes for 50% off at the Disney store sale in Jan.) NOW this!!! I am so not going to be able to talk them out of a Hannah Montana redo…:blink:


My DD is saveing for this she at first she want the “castle” make over now she wants both. Thats alot of $$$, she has to save.


I think I still would like the traditional makeover over Hannah Montana. There is something more “magical” about it. Of course, I would much rather do the $49 than the $100 makeover. Of course, my daughter is now too old to do either of them.