DTD Bus Stops & Transportion Questions


We have tickets for La Nouba for our upcoming trip. I am trying to decide about transportation. If we take a bus to DTD can we be dropped off on the West End close to the La Nouba theater? I seem to remember on our last trip only being able to get bus service on the marketplace side. Anyone know how long the actual ride from Wilderness Lodge to DTD is? I am wondering if a taxi would be better. Are taxis available at the resorts or do you have to arrange in advance? Thanks!


Get off at the stop by Planet Hollywood and it will be a short walk through the Westside. That will save all those extra steps from the Marketplace.


If I remember correctly there is another bus stop in the parking lot area near to Planet Hollywood (this was back in 2009) & a bus ride from WL would be about 20 mins not including waiting time.



The ride from WL to DTD isn’t that long, but you just don’t know about the timing of the buses. They say they run every twenty minutes, but that was not totally reliable information during our trip. If you are worried about not getting there on time, I would take a taxi!