DTD Dining


We are going to DTD after arriving late afternoon and have never eaten there before. I didn’t want to make a reservation in case our flight is late, etc…so the plan is a QS meal @ Cookes of Dublin, Wolfgang Puck Express or Earl of Sandwich. Any preferences or tips? We will be starving by this point.


We love Wolfgang Puck Express. In our opinion, it is one of the best QS meals on Disney property! You get great food, and while you do order at a counter, you then sit down and get table service for the rest of the meal. Great choice for a QS that feels like a TS.


We haven’t eaten at Cookes yet, but we have eaten at the other two. We like the other two very much. It depends on the weather. If it nice out them we suggest Earl of Sandwich. If it cold or rainy we suggest Wolfgang Puck or Cookes.


We LOVED Wolf Gang Puck. We have eaten there a couple of times. We have also eaten at EOS and that was good also. I do prefer WP over EOS though. Let us know what you choose.


If you go to Cook’s of Dublin and if you like seafood try the fried scallops they are the best in the World as far as I am concerned and the fish and chips are excellent as well. They serve a generous portion for the money and I have never found them to be too busy to require a long wait.


We love Earls but we are going to try Wolf Gang this year. I have heard that you can’t go wrong with either.


I’m pretty easy going when it comes to where we eat. When we go to DTD my family insists we have to eat at Wolfgangs. We actually always eat at the Cafe and his resturant. We did make the mistake of booking for the second floor dinning instead of first floor dinning and they were very good about switching us to first floor.


I’d say Wolfgang Puck Express or the quick service counter at Wolfgang Puck Cafe for your best bang for your buck.
Also for a better selection of hot foods than Earl of Sandwich.
My own favorite is Fulton’s, but they aren’t on the dining plan and it’s a sit down.


Yes, there is a difference between Wolfgang Puck Cafe and Wolfgang Puck Upstairs Dining Room. Similar to the difference between a regular one credit sit down and a two credit signature.
Years ago, WP Upstairs was part of dining plans, but once the Magic Your Way vacation packages were rolled out in 2005, WP Upstairs, along with HoB, Fulton’s, and Portobello opted out.


We had four at a table in the courtyard between the two restaurants. Two of us ordered from Earl’s and two of us ordered from WPE. All four meals were excellent, and we passed everything around the table till it was gone. Between you and me, Earl’s Beef N Bleu is a sandwich worth the flight to Florida.


We’ve only eaten at EOS and it had a lot of variety to choose from. Something for everyone.


We LOVE the Earl of Sammich!


My dd had Cook’s Fish & Chips last week and loved them! But we also love Earl of Sandwich (the Original is my favourite) or Wolfgang Puck Express - actually, the food at all three is very good. Like Miss Disney said - your party can choose between EOS or WPE and then meet in the middle to eat together.


Wolfgang Express is great and being on the plan was even greater because the bill for four of us came to around 70.00 (for a counter service). What a deal and great food.


This is exactly what I was talking about when I said best bang for your buck on the dining plan.