DTD Hilton


So, I am heading to DTD Hilton on Friday May 16th. I am always watching for a way to get the nice rooms for the least amount. Being a passholder does help a lot. But, when you see a hotel that has EMH attached to it, and there are plenty of rooms available, it pays to watch for price changes. I reserved a standard, 2 double bed room a couple of weeks ago at $149 a night, knowing that I could upgrade to a Tower DTD View room at check in for $20 a night if it is available. Doing my daily check, I noticed the price for the room I had reserved dropped from $149 to $119! I called up and they made the switch happily. I also noticed that all of the room types I would want to upgrade to are still available as well. I guess in in 8 days, I will see if I get the DTD View for $139 a night, when it is regularly $229 a night.


I stayed in the Tower with DTD view… it is wonderful


I will be at the Hilton starting tomorrow. It is a great hotel in great location in regards to Downtown Disney. With the extra perks usually associated with Disney-owned hotels, when the rates are less than $150 it is a no-brainer to stay there.


Let us know how you like it. I was thinking about staying there on our first night.


Remy, I have already stayed there multiple times and have always enjoyed our stays. The staff is pleasant and efficient. The rooms have a good size and the hotel in general is well maintained. Unless you want the theming found at the midrange priced Disney owned motels, then if you can get the Hilton for the same price, the Hilton is a better value.


I hope you have a magical vacation. Can’t wait to hear all about it!



Let us know what you think! I’ve stayed at that Hilton maybe 5 times already on numerous visits, and its lovely. The location is terribly conveniant, and the bussing service is EXTREMELY reliable.


That sounds like a great deal!!


After sing the DTD Hilton’s praises, I regret to have to mention this…

They are now doing “limited” renovations. They are not closing any particulare section of the hotel, but during the day, you may hear pounding, hot water turned off, and certain phones will not be operational. Upon check in they will not warn you about any work that may affect your particular room during your stay.

I just had a discussion with a manager on duty, and he feels this is not an issue. He offered to move us to another room but would not gurantee that the new room would not be affected by this renovation activity.


I won’t be there during the days, so, construction isn’t an issue for me. About the bus service though…Do they have their own buses or do they share it with other hotels? I usually drive myself, but, if the buses drop off at the front of the Theme Parks, it may just be better. If they have a bus that drives back and forth to the MK, that would be good. I can understand sharing a bus for Epcot and HS. But, if it makes a circuit to each Theme Park, plus the two water parks, I won’t even consider using it.