DT's 4 day birthday blast



Me–the planner
My DH–the guy who goes along with whatever I plan
Nate (10)–my little Disney lover

This is our 4th and last trip with our APs as they expire July 25th. I never dreamed we would get this much use out of these but we got maybe 32 days in WDW this year. Awesome!

This trip was my DH’s idea. He told me I couldn’t say no and he had wanted to surprise me but he knew he couldn’t pull it off w/o me finding out. I booked 3 nights with our new BCV DVC points and started planning. My DH said we had to do some all new things this time, including Cirque and a new restaurant every day. I didn’t quite pull off a new restaurant every day but we did try a couple of new places.

Our plan was to fly out early Thursday and come back late Sunday night. I didn’t get a DING but we only paid $700 for all 3 of us and after seeing some current fares that wasn’t too bad. Mike had class until 2:00 so Nate and I finished what little packing was left and got the house straightened up and waited for his friend who spent the night to get picked up.

We didn’t know at the time we booked our trip that Mike would only have 2 summer courses when we planned this. As it turned out, his third class didn’t make and we could have flown out Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning but that’s the way it goes. Since our flight was early we booked a hotel next to the airport so we could sleep an extra 2 hours. We had dinner at Olive Garden and settled in for the night.

I have to add that we live near an area that was really flooded this summer. It was really sad to drive through the area on our way to the airport and see the damage first hand. We had seen reports on the news all last month but seeing it in person was somethig else. I can’t describe the smell, it was awful. There was so much standing water that couldn’t make it back to the river and it smelled awful, I didn’t expect that. Ok, back to my trip report.


YEA!! It finally worked!!!


Yippee!!! :wub:


We were up and out the door before 5 am. We left the car in a park and fly lot and at the airport right at 5 am. It took us like 10 minutes to check our bags and get through security and that left 2 hours to sit and sit and sit. We grabbed a bagel for breakfast while we waited and Nate played his DS. We had an uneventful flight and arrived at Orlando 10 minutes early—Yea!


Thank goodness you got it to work! Yay…another DT ~ TR!:happy:


We hustled down to the Magical Express desk. Mike and Nate grabbed a seat while I checked us in. The line was all the way back to the CM at the start area but it moved very quickly, I think it took maybe 10 minutes before I was at the counter checking in. There was a father and daughter in front of me who didn’t have a DME booklet, he told the CM at the start of the line that he did everything through email, whatever that meant. He made rude, negative comments about how DME was set up the whole time we waited. He was the jumpiest guy I’ve seen in a long time. About half way through the queue he jumped out of line, he had made some comment about getting a taxi so maybe that’s where he went. All I could think was you’re going to WDW in July, this is the shortest line you’re going to see all week! :laugh:

We walked right through the line and on to our ME bus and pulled out. The bus was very full when we boarded but that was fine with me, that meant we wouldn’t have to wait and we didn’t. There was an obnoxious boy sitting near us. He couldn’t sit still to save his life. Every time he began to calm down the guy (not his dad) would poke, hit or tickle him so he got all worked up again. At one point he was standing on the foot rest jumping on the seat in front of him. Had I been the guy in that seat I would have gotten up and moved because that seat was rocking back and forth. I got kicked a few times but we were almost to BC so I didn’t say anything. Mike had two kids behind him who fought the whole trip, hitting and yelling the whole time. It wasn’t a pleasant bus ride but we finally arrived at Beach Club and all was well!


Nate says he doesn’t get excited until we got to Orlando. I try to pump him up at our airport but he holds out until we hit the ground in Florida.


We were met at the front door of the Beach Club by a wonderful CM who walked us up to the check in desk and introduced us to the CM who would be checking us in, what a nice welcome.

Our room wasn’t ready but we expected that. We left our carry on with Bell Services and went straight to the bus stop and Magic Kingdom. As soon as we walked up to the bus stop a Magic Kingdom pulled up—what a great sign!


I’m not sure what they were doing but they wanted a silly picture so here it is.


They’re dancing down Main St.! :laugh::laugh:


Here’s our first look at the castle. It doesn’t feel like we’re at Disney World until we see the castle.


Our plan was to get Fastpasses for Buzz Lightyear and then grab something to eat since we had been up since 4 am. We settled on Cosmic Ray’s since we were in the area. Mike and I split a nugget meal and Nate had nuggets and fries or just fries, I don’t remember. We didn’t want too much since we had an ADR for the Plaza later. While we were getting our Buzz Fastpass a Dream Team CM noticed my birthday button and came right over to us. We stood and talked to him for a good 5-10 minutes about Disney and stuff in general. These are some of the nicest people we have met during our trips. I know they can’t give dreams out just because they want to, we just enjoy talking to them


The first Fastpasses of the trip.


After lunch we walked down to the barber shop for hair cuts for the guys. Once again there wasn’t a line. We had to wait until the person already in the chair was done but that’s it. Our favorite barber, Michael, wasn’t there but we met a new barber who ended up being very nice. Nate went first and he ended up almost falling asleep during his hair cut. I didn’t notice until later that he kept sliding down lower and lower in the chair and by the end his eyes were mostly closed. That’s what getting up at 4 am will do for ya.


Here’s a before picture:


Getting started.


Our barber was Evan. I got the idea he was pretty new in the barber shop but we didn’t ask him how long he had been there. I’m thinking it was his first week but I really don’t know. Either way he was very nice.


He’s getting sleepy…


And sleepier…:sleeping:


And Sleepier…:sleeping: