DT's June 2011 trip


Ok, so I wasn’t going to do a trip report this time since I still haven’t finished my TR from last summer. However, I decided to try to start and FINISH a short report. Maybe I can get this done before we leave in two weeks.

Me–usually the planner but I had a lot of help this time.
Mike–loves to go just doesn’t need to talk about it all year
Nate–turned 13 (I still can’t believe that, where did the time go?) during this trip

Our usual travel family:
P-- My good friend
K–old friend of my DH
B–(21)K & P’s oldest son
A–(20)B’s girlfriend
S–(17) K & P’s oldest daughter
L–(10) K & P’s youngest daughter

New to the group
J–a coworker and as much of a planner as I am
C–J’s wife and a friend of mine

We had a studio (for J & C) and a two bedroom (the rest of us) booked for a week at BCV. We were all on the same flight going down but left at different times.

Day 1—Also the last day of school for the teachers in the group (which is all the adults!)

We had a 6:00 pm flight booked in case we used all our snow days (we did). The last day of school is a teacher work day and we’re allowed to leave after lunch as long as our classroom is closed up. My room was ready so it was a pretty quiet day for me. I had a few things left to tie up and a luncheon and then then I could leave.

Our plan was to meet at the airport. However, J & C made arrangements to leave their car at someone’s house close to the airport. Once we picked them up we were at the airport in less than 15 minutes. Along the way the guys joked about leaving the car in some random neighborhood to avoid paying for parking (remember this!).

Once we got the airport we walked through security, there was no one waiting, not one person. We decided to get a snack and a drink at a restaurant while we waited for the rest of our group to show up. Time flew by and the next thing I knew we were on the plane and in the air.

As the flight attendant was taking our drink order he asked how old Nate was. I said he turned 13 today. He quizzed me a little about whether his birthday was actually that day or not. About 30 minutes later he announced that we had a special birthday and called Nate up to the front of the plane. He turned off all the lights (it was dark out by now), had everyone push their attendant lights and the whole plane sang happy birthday to Nate. After that he presented Nate with a SWA birthday crown. :laugh:

We were off to a great start to our plane hadn’t even landed yet.


Happy Birthday Nate!!


He looks thrilled with the classy SWA birthday crown.


We landed a little early (thank you SWA) and on our DME bus quickly. We were going to grab something for Nate to eat but everything was closed at a few minutes after 9 so no dinner for him.

We waited maybe 10 minutes for our ME bus to pull out, not too bad. I think we only stopped at CBR before going to BC but I’m not 100% sure. A very nice CM checked us in and set up two room charge accounts in our two bedroom and two accounts in the studio. I started a thread about what a mess that ended up being. It’s a nice option when it works but we had nothing but issues in both rooms. J couldn’t charge after the second day and all the charges my family went on the wrong card.

Our rooms were on the third floor and close to each other–yea. Once we got settled Mike, J, C, and I walked over to Epcot to try to activate their APs. It was EMH and the park was open until midnight but the ticket window was closed by the time we got there at about 11:15. Mike and I decided to go in and walk around a little while and maybe get a snack or a drink. We struck out as everything was closed. We decided to call it a night and walk back.

I tried to stay awake to answer the door when our luggage arrived but I guess I didn’t do a very good job because I was woken up by J and a CM with our luggage. He knocked on our door first and when no one answered he went to J & C’s room. With our luggage piled in I finally fell back to sleep.

Day one wasn’t very exciting but we were at WDW!!


Day 2

This was the day we had an ADR for Victoria and Albert’s. We wanted to stay near the resort so we could get back and cleaned up easily so we decided on HS. We were all up and ready in record time and at the boat dock by 7:30. we waited about 15 minutes and didn’t see a boat so we decided to walk to the park. It was a cool morning so it was pleasant. We got all the way to HS and still hadn’t seen a boat, we made the right decision. J & C still had to activate their passes so the rest of us slowly walked back to Toy Story. We got fastpasses and got in the HUGE stand by line. We were just getting up to the chains when J & C caught up to us. They had some issues with their vouchers but a kind CM helped straighten it up.

After TS we did a few more things including Star Tours. We all loved the improvements, very cool. At 11 we decided it was time to grab something to eat and Pizza Planet was the restaurant of choice, it was close and wasn’t crowded. Did you know you can get a cheese pizza with no sauce? I didn’t but I do now. I really didn’t think they actually made the pizzas there but I guess they do. The CM said it would take 10 minutes but it was ready by the time the rest of our order was ready so it didn’t even take that long. While we were eating it started to POUR outside. When we went in it didn’t even look like rain. After we at we let the kids (and grown kids) play some games. By then the rain was almost over and everyone decided to do the back lot tour. Mike, Nate and I decided to head back to BC because I had an appointment to get my hair done at the Periwigs (the salon at BC).

Nate and Mike changed and hit the pool while I got our clothes ready and relaxed a little. My hair turned out GREAT, I loved my up do–not too fancy but yet very classy.

We called down for a van and were off to our lovely evening at Victoria and Albert’s. The kids ate dinner at Beaches and Cream and walked over to Fantasia Gardens to play mini golf. By the time we got back they were all relaxing watching TV. I think B and A took off to MK for EMH.

We loved Victoria and Albert’s, our whole evening was so perfect.


In case you missed it here’s my review of our dinner at Victoria and Albert’s.



Day 3

I have no idea what we did this day. We planned to go to MK that morning for EMHs but I honestly can’t remember if we did it or not. I think we went to Epcot but I don’t remember what we did. We did have dinner at Big River Grill. We all agreed it was fine but no one was wowed by their meal. It will be a few years before we return.

After dinner we took the boat over to HS to see Fantasmic. Again, I think I’m losing my mind because I have no idea what we did before Fantasmic. About an hour before we grabbed some seats and waited for the show to start. We haven’t seen Fantasmic in several years. Honestly, I think it’s just so-so. P and I agreed that it will be several years before we return. J & C love it and see it at least once ever trip. I will say the evening was beautiful and waiting for it to start was so pleasant.

After Fantasmic Part of our group wanted to do Tower of Terror so Mike, Nate, C and I walked back to BC. The evening was so beautiful so our walk back was very pleasant.


Day 4

Today was our Segway day. S has wanted to do teh Segway tour for years and she was finally old enough. There were five of us plus two other people in our group. C and I were pretty nervous about learning to ride a Segway but we had a lot of fun. We trained for about 30 minutes then rolled out for our tour. We went through the countries while our guide gave us some facts about each one. It was fun riding through the smaller paths and over the bridges. The time flew by and we had to go back way too soon. Going back through future world made me pretty nervous because there were so many people but I managed to not run over anyone.

After we turned our Segways in we decided we wanted to go to France for lunch. We waited maybe 10 minutes for World Showcase to open and were eating one of my favorite things in no time. I LOVE the toasted ham and cheese croissants–yum.


While we were eating the guys were texting us something about being “Family of the Day” at the pool. I thought they were just kidding but it turns out they were picked to be the family of the day at the pool. We got 6 reserved chairs of our choosing. They had fun with it and enjoyed the attention. While they had lunch we ran up to the room and changed to spend some time in the pool.

We planned to do EMHs at MK that night so I made my family nap for a couple of hours We have never made it through an evening EMH because we’re always up and going too early in the morning.

We had dinner at Hoop Dee Doo then took the boat over to MK. P decided to go back to the room. Everyone decided they wanted to ride Space Mountain first. Nate has done it once and hated it but we talked him in to trying it again. The rest of our group jumped in line while Nate thought about whether he wanted to ride or not. He reluctantly got in line but by then our group was about 10 minutes in front of us. The standby line was about 40 minutes so Nate had a long time to think about riding. When we finally made it to the main room B, A, S, L, K, J, and C started chanting Nathan, Nathan and the next thing we knew the whole room was chanting Nathan over and over! It was awesome but Nate wasn’t thrilled. Nate didn’t love it but he didn’t hate it as much as the last time. He actually joked a little about it when we got done–huge improvement!

We walked over to Big Thunder but by the time we walked through the queue L wasn’t feeling well and got sick so K took her back to the room. The rest of us closed down the MK. The later it got the thinner the crowds got. By about midnight the park started to clear and most of the rides were a walk on.


Day 5

We planned a pool day so we could recover from our late night. Everyone got up at a different time and we slowly wandered down to the pool one by one. We had an 8 pm ADR at 'Ohana. Everyone did something different after swimming so we all met at the Poly. While we were waiting for our buzzer to go off the lounge/waiting area started to fill with smoke. Shortly after that a CM came around and told us the exhaust fans went out and they weren’t going to be seating anyone until they could clear the smoke out. We waited maybe another 20 minutes before we were seated. Dinner was good, some meat was better than others but over all it was good. Just as we were finishing the lights dimmed and Wishes started. Not the best view since it’s so far away but we really enjoyed it.

It was about 10:30 when we left the Poly so we decided to call it a night and went back to BC and crashed. I was still pretty tired from our late night at MK the night before.


Great report so far, keep it coming! My oldest turns 13 this year, too. Hard to believe we’re hitting the teenage years already! Where have the years gone?:huh:


Day 6

Today was Mike’s last day. He needed to fly home because his college classes were starting the next morning, as the instructor he needed to be there. I was hoping we wouldn’t use all of our snow days and we could leave early so he could have a longer trip but that didn’t happen.

We planned for my family to be at Epcot that day so Mike could just walk back to BC for his ME bus. I didn’t want to be stressed about waiting for a bus to get him back to our resort. Everyone else decided to go to HS that day. That worked out great because all of them like RR and ToT and we don’t ride those.

After checking Mike’s luggage we did rope drop at Epcot. Mike went to fastpasses for Soarin’ while Nate and I went to test track. We ended up riding Test track four times before quitting. We stopped to watch the Jammitors on our way over to Soarin’. We love those guys.

As usual, Soarin’ was great, love it. We stopped at Sunshine Seasons for a soda before walking to World Showcase. Nate had his Kim Possible ticket and he was itching to get started. I don’t know that he’s ever seen Kim Possible on TV but he loves the missions at Epcot. A woman behind us didn’t have a park pass (her DH was getting fastpasses) to get her KP phone so we let her use our ticket to get started. It took a little longer but her kids were excited to get started.

Nate did a couple of missions before it was time for our ADR in France. We tried Chef’s de France for the first time last summer and enjoyed it so Mike picked it for his last meal. Lunch was good, we both ordered the same thing as last year. I had the crepe and Mike had the toasted ham and cheese. Nate had chicken strips and fries. Mike and I both ordered the French onion soup. It was so good but really, really HOT.

We had another Soarin’ fastpass we needed to use before it was time to walk Mike back. After that we slowly and sadly walked Mike back to BC.


Great trip report so far!


YAY! I was so happy to see you started a trip report!!!

I love how SW treated Nate on his birthday, they are so good about those kinds of things. The pilot had everyone sing Happy Birthday to Cole on his birthday when he turned 5, he loved it!


So glad you decided to do a trip report DT! Reading about the Segway is getting me more and more interested in doing that. One thing holding me back is the fear of plowing someone over. Will have to look into the earliest tour, so not as many people around. Lovin the report. Keep it coming!


Great TR so far!


Enjoying the TR. Hate to hear about the Hotel charging hassels but glad everything else has worked out so far. Continue on, and with pics!


Great TR so far. Keep it coming:pirate:


Great tr! Can’t wait for more!


Looking forward to the rest of your TR!