Duffy the Disney Bear


Look out! There’s a bear in Epcot®!

Long ago, Mickey had a friend that sailed with him around the world: [B]Duffy the Disney Bear![/B] In October 2010, Duffy the Disney Bear will arrive in Epcot.


Yeah… this just sounds stupid. :laugh:


I don’t get WHY they are involving him, but my DD6 loved the books when she was little. I believe he is coming from Disney Japan, so it will only be for a short time.


He’s about to start doing meet and greets!


Hmmm…Im not sure how I feel about this…


okay am I living under a rock and depriving my children of something Disney? Who the heck is Duffy the Disney Bear?


I found a bit of information here and the actual story translated here.


My thoughts exactly! :confused:


Duffy doesn’t look very Disney does he (or is that just me)


Thanks MissSmig for the info.

I guess I have crawled out from under my rock now, lol


I agree. I don’t know why they’d really need a mascot for DisneySea, but I guess it works so they can sell bears? I don’t know, at 3800 yen for the regular bear (which is about $45 at the current bank exchange rate) they probably make quite a bit on each. Even though I think they’re cute, still. For a bear that is only 30 cm/11 inches, ouch.


Exactly, me too. Never heard of this one.


He’s a character from a book . . . he goes on Adventures with Mickey!! There are a series of books you can buy . . . look here! :smile: They sell the books at the parks.


You are looking at the Japanese version . . . I posted the picture of the USA version you can buy at MK! They have to books too (by themselves or in a set)


They have it in English too? Everywhere I looked I saw that it was just at TDS. Well that’s cool that you can get it elsewhere.


They have it at the WDW parks and at the resort gift shops! See my picture in an earlier post.


More info:

Created especially for Walt Disney World® Resort and Disneyland® Resort

Once upon a time . . . there was a very magical bear! My Disney Bear Plush has a special Mickey icon design on his cute face and paws. He arrives with a special little storybook that tells of the magical day he came to life as Mickey’s best friend.

* Includes a charming 5-page mini book The Story of Disney Bear
* Paws feature embroidered pawprint and Mickey icon felt embroidered appliqué
* Polyester
* 12''
* Imported

Late one night in the Magic Kingdom, Mickey sat with his stuffed bear in front of the castle and wished for a friend with whom he could explore the park. With faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust, Tinker Bell made Mickey’s wish come true and brought his bear to life!

* Adapted by Matt Whitlock
* Illustrated by Michael Sullivan
* Designed by Disney Design Group
* Hardcover
* 29 pages
* 8'' H x 6 1/2'' W
* Imported


Isn’t Mickey supposed to be an adult? He’s held a lot of jobs. He’s got a girlfriend.

I’m just not buying this bear thing.


Mickey is a “kid” at heart! :heart:


I thought that Mickey was the mascot… am I crazy? (ya know- one of the Fab five- Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy)… Where did this random bear come from and get catapulted into such lofty arenas??? Sorry- not buying it.