Dumb DDP question!


I’m sure the answer is here somehwere, but i’ll be darned if I can find it!

If you have a seven night DDP, but are actually there for eight days, when does your plan start and end?

Example: We are checking in on a Sat (4/21) and checking out on a Sat (4/28) Can we use our meals on both Sat’s and skip a day in the middle of the week somewhere? Or, will they expire on 4/27? I want to do Ohana for breakfast on the morning of 4/28 BUT we will already be checked out of our hotel, will this be a problem?


Not a dumb question… It can get confusing. The DDp is tied to the number of nights that you are there. For instance, if you check in on Saturday, but don’t start using the dining plan until Sunday (say you get there after dinner at night- you will start using your credits the next day)… Count the nights that you are there… When you check out on the last day, you have until the end of that day to use up everything. So, if you have 5 snacks left, you can use them up that day before you leave…


hmmmm… we would not have meals attached to 4/21 (our first day) but would have them attached to 4/28 (our last day)?

We will be arriving VERY early on 4/21 (7am) BUT, we will be leaving after breakfast on 4/28 so I don’t want to be stuck with a CS, TS, and snacks for that day.


It is confusing, but we think you could use your dining credits on that first day (21/4). And on the day before your last day, go and use up all your snack credits- i.e for gifts to take home etc. We had about 40 left our last day and they let us use all 40 in one go in the POR store, we gave most of them to all the kids in the road where we live.


OK - So we usually check in around 16:00 on day of arrival and check out around 13:00 on the last day,

We book ADR for first night and have credits left on last day for a snack and 1 counter service. :wub:
hope it helps.


You will get the credits and can use them any time during your stay. If you wanted to use all the credits the first day, you could, is what I understand. So you can use them on your first day or the day you check out. I am sure if I am wrong, someone will point that out!


NO question is dumb, I think that is a very good question!

You will get the credits and can use them any time during your stay. IF you wanted to use all the credits the first day, you could, is what I understand. So you can use them on your first day or the day you check out. I am sure if I am wrong, someone will point that out!

You could always call Disney to verify that!


You get the credits the minute they hand you your Key to the World. You do not have to wait until the next day. We usually check in around lunch time and immediately use a lunch CS credit like 10 minutes later. You can also use them the last day.


Found this on allears.

These credits activate as soon as you check in to your resort and can be used at any time, in any combination, during your stay. They expire at the end of your stay.

Unused credits are not refundable. Make sure you have used them all by the end of the day you check out, as they expire at midnight on the last day of your stay. Use snack credits for bottled water for the trip home, for example


Yes, sorry, I did not mean to confuse you. You have enough meals to match every night that you stay. If you use them on the first day, you may not have one on the day that you check out, unless you do not use it during your stay. You can use it however you want, but it expires at midnight on the day that you check out.

Does that help?


You can use all ur points the first day you get them, last or in the middle. Depends on how many nights u r there is how many points u get to use. Good question!:happy:


Your plan starts the day you check in and ends at midnight on the day you check out. How and when you use your meals is up to you. For instance, if you have ten snacks left over on the day you leave, you have until midnight that night to claim them or forever hold your peace…lol


Your plan is for 7 days worth of credits, but the normal assumption is that you will only use all three credits on days 2-7 while the remaining three credits are split between day 1 and day 8.
The truth is, your credits are available from the moment you check in all the way to midnight on the day you check out (day 8 for you).
And of course, you can use those credits in any order you wish.

There are many times that I’ve booked the first day as room only and then booked the rest of the stay with dining and then used all the credits by the time we would leave, usually very late afternoon or early evening on check out day.
And when you combine our being on the deluxe dining plan with our driving and having a cooler in the car, we cashed out all remaining snacks on our way home, and sometimes there were a large number of snacks and bottles of water heading home with the doggie boxes of dinner left overs.
I’ve also instead booked the last day as room only and we still had all our credits until midnight on that room only night to use the dining credits, again, because they do not expire until midnight on checkout day. This way, you’ll only have to deal with breakfast the morning you fly out.


Here is one for you experts. Can you add the dining plan at check-in?


I found mixed answers on this. Some said it must be added within 3 days of checkin, some said 5 days and some said 10 days…

I know for DVC members is must be added before checkin.

I am sure someone will be along with more info…


I’m on the fence with it. I am pretty sure with my AP that adding TIW would actually be cheaper than the DDP.


Definitely not. In some confirmation I got for a booking a while ago, it said 5 days. But that was about 2 years ago :blush:


I have not been able to add the dining plan any closer than 48 hours and it seemed to take an act of Congress to get it approved. 72 hours or 3 days is the cutoff.


You’d need to do some serious spreadsheeting and know almost exactly what you’ll be eating to know for sure. In practice, it seems that TIW and DDP wind up being about the same with an edge given to TIW if you’re the type of diner that enjoys “fortified” beverages before, during, and after your meal.
TIW is only good at sit downs, with the exception of the four value food courts and POFQ’s food court because those resorts lack sit down restaurants.

I’ve gone both ways, but for the past couple years, I’ve been doing the TIW membership over the dining plan. You save 20% on everything you order, but your 18% tip is automatically added. On the other hand, since the DDP stopped including the tip, your meals will wind up costing 18%-20% more than you’d planned.


I think I am just going with TIW. Most of our meals will be in TS locations and the ones that are not usually end up being me with a burger and DW eating a few fries because she “is still stuffed from the last buffet”:laugh:. Also, for the same reason that I am getting an AP, the TIW will still be good in December and with that trip, which is a strong possibility, it would come to a big savings.