Dumbo-or -die


cavey…knowing you have tiny tots…i took yours as well as everyone else’s advice…i am now paging through my very own copy of the “unofficial”!! the description of who this touring plan is designed for is great! ~ " Adults compelled to devote every waking moment to the pleasure and entertainment of their young children, (me!!) :wub: or rich people who are paying someone else to take their children to the theme park."(not me!!)

i will be reading the guide and coming to my new dc pals for follow-up! thanks again!!


Wonderful, Char! As you can see, even it crowds are light, the touring plan gives you a strategy.

Now, the author has a “more relaxed” two day Dumbo or Die plan on his website. I haven’t seen it, cause I’m too cheap to pay for the extra plans. So what I’d suggest is use the one day Dumbo or Die plan on your first day at MK. Then use the one day touring plan for MK, cutting out the attractions you’re not interested in or did with Dumbo or Die.

Some other hints–

  1. Book some character meals. This will keep you from standing in some long character meeting lines at Toon Town.
  2. ENJOY your trip. Don’t be so park commando that you have to do everything this trip. Remember it’s a vacation, not a grocery list. So if you’re little one’s get preoccupied with Pooh’s Playground, enjoy it, rather than freaking out that you’re suppose to be riding Peter Pan.
  3. The dolls in It’s a Small World are evil. Remember those “Chuckie” movies from the 80’s & 90’s? Well, Chuckie is one of the IASW dolls who escaped! Don’t let your children make direct eye contact with any of the dolls. :tongue:


I have to totally agree with the character meals … its the best way to get one on one attention from characters and if you take your time they come around more then once :slight_smile:
as for It’s a Small World …the dolls are not evil and Chuckie is not one of them …it is the sweetest ride ever :slight_smile: