DVC Amenities @ AKL


I was wondering, what DVC areas and amenities can be used by non DVC members? We will be staying at AKL Sept 2010. I hear the pool at Kidani is only accessible by room key (I guess that keeps the non DVC’ers out), but what about community hall etc?

Stayed at SSR last trip (as a non DVC member), and LOVED Community Hall.


Well, the pool area is accessible by a room key machine on the gate but that’s the only area of the resort that I noticed was guarded like that. Even though the Community Hall is designated for DVC members nobody asked to see a room key or anything when we went in there, I guess they just assume that people staying at Kidani are mostly members, or guests of members.


Brilliant! I know I probably shouldn’t go down to Community Hall but I love it there! I really think they should have them at all resorts!