DVC and cruises or adventures?


Thinking of buying DVC (should have done it long ago). Kids are getting older and we want to do more Disney cruises and maybe Disney Adventure tours. Is there a place to see what the value of DVC points are for these non-DW type of trips? Is it worth using points for non-property locations or is it a bad “point” deal? Any thing that you know that could help us with non-Disney World point usage would be helpful. I’ve heard its a bad way to go but not sure if that is really true or not…


Honestly, using DVC points at a DVC resort is the best use of them.

A standard inside state room in regular season would take 173 points for the first and second person for a 7 night cruise. It goes up to 345 points per person to get a categoty 4 stateroom. I think renting the points out and paying cash may be a better deal but I’ve never actually priced it out.

It looks like the Adventures by Disney start at about 300 and go up to 600 points per person if I’m reading it correctly.

I’ve never actually looked at this information before so hopefully someone who knows more about this will correct me if I’m wrong. We bought our points to use at WDW so I didn’t research other uses.


Steph is right…your BEST value is staying at DVC properties. When you stay outside inlcuding other WDW properties you get hit for a $95 reservation fee, and the points per night are higher than comparable DVC unit. You save money over the RACK rate but it’s still more money. I think the reservation fee is a rip because you are ALREADY paying a premium in points.

That said, I just booked a 7 night low season on the Magic using points. At 404 points for a cat 6 balcony cabin. The annual dues plus the reservation fee the annual dues is less than $1850. Cash price is about $3500. That’s a decent discount on the price. (Same cabin on expedia is $3100!)

Some people say that I could have rented those points for $4,000. paid cash and had a little money in the pockets to spend. That’s not totally correct because you have cost (annual fee) you’d really have to rent about 880 points to crusie for “free.”

Then there is the whole renting points hassle. Generally it’s not too hard, and it’s a great deal for both the member and the person renting. But this year, it’s been MUCH harder to rent with the economy and such.