DVC and Disney Dining Package Question


This is a weird situation that is hard to describe, but I am hoping some of you will have an answer to some of the questions that it poses. Recently WDW announced that they can break up a DVC reservation into multiple parts for the dining plan, i.e. if you are staying for 10 nights you could book 5 nights on the dining plan and 5 nights without having to book seperate reservations and possibly change rooms in the middle of your stay. With this in mind would it be possible to book the deluxe dining plan every other night rather than the regular dining plan every night?

Why would we do this? We are traveling May 22nd through June 1st (ten nights). The deluxe DP costs $72 per adult per night. If we booked it every other night (5 nights) it would cost $360 per adult and give us 15 TS credits to use (they would have to be used three at a time within a two day period) but also includes appetizers and a mug. The regular DP would cost $46 per adult per night. If we booked it for all 10 nights it would cost $460 per adult. This would give us 10 TS and 10 CS each but we will not get appetizers or a mug.

With the deluxe option we are short 5 meals but save $100 dollars per adult to cover the cost. It will take a little more planning due to the inflexibility of using credits when you want, but we typically use one credit everyday anyway. Is it worth it to do this or is it scamming the system? Would it be too big of a hassle to deal with? Has anyone had experience in DVC with opting some days with and without the dining package on the same reservation? Let me know what you think or if this doesn’t make sense and I need to explain myself better.


ouch You gave me a headache.


I have a migrane just dreaming up the scenario. Sorry, I hope I don’t confuse everyone as much as I confused myself.


you can split into 2 parts, BUT the dining credits expire at midnight of your first reservation. Extra credits wont transfer into the next reservation.


It would be five different Dining Plan reservations, one for the second night, one for the fourth night, one for the sixth night, etc. That way each day would have at least one dining credit available. Will they even allow me to do this?


I called Member Services about this. They said it was possible but you have to get a new set of KTW cards when it switches between the dining plan and the non-dining plan. We would be at the check-in desk our whole vacation. It isn’t worth it. We will stick with the regular dining plan.


That’s what I heard. It sounds great but having to checkin and out all the time would be a pain. We may do the CS plan for one night, mostly because you get the mug. So minus the mug, you are still getting 2 CS meals and 2 snacks for about 20 bucks. Since we would be buying the mug anyway, it’s seems like a good idea. But if it seems like it’s going to cause a lot of grief, we’ll forget it.