DVC and drink mugs


So we have always been mug users (at the values) but now we are thinking are they worth it with the DVC? It seems quite a hike to the counter service spots at the resorts. I’m thinking between the coffee maker in the room and having a fridge, it’s better just to buy a few bottles of soda and bring some coffee along. Even at disney prices, that would be cheaper than paying 25 bucks for 2 mugs for a week or so. Any thoughts?


I think that we would prob get at least one mug and just keep refilling it- I love having them as a souvenier when we get home- I would still get at least one- but that is me!


I found we didn’t use our mugs much at BW or SSR just because of the long walk. We did use our mugs a lot at BCV, that walk just doesn’t seem as long for some reason.


Not a DVC owner, but have rented points at OKW, and we used our grocery stop for bottled water, soda, milk, etc. for our room fridge. It would have been quite a treck from our room to refill the mugs at Goods to Go.


We are not that fond of drinking out of plastic mugs at home. We usually only use them in the car (which is only once in awhile). But still I wouldn’t get rid of the dozen or so we have.


We’re getting ready to go (Easter). I was expecting to use the refillables, as I was thinking I’d be able to use them at the resort and also in the parks. Am I wrong about that? Help, please. :slight_smile:


The mugs can only be refilled at the resorts. You can’t get them filled at the parks.


Thanks, jo-jo. Glad I found out now!


here is a thought- we also like to bring our coffee with us in the morning while waiting in line- I could make it in the room and still carry it with me in my yearly mug… then again if I were there twice in a year I would prob NOT buy another one with a coffee maker in the room.


When we stayed at BCV, I found out they were the perfect size for holding a milk jug for DGD. So in the morning, we’d slip the bottle in the mug and then top it with ice. The mug would keep it nice and cold for quite awhile. Or if there were grapes or something left from a CS meal, same deal. We used one of those baby ring toys things to hook it onto the stroller. Last yr, my DD would carry milk/juice in the backpack and several times something wasn’t closed right and everything got soaked. And then we’d have an empty mug to refill on the way home, but no extra people this trip, so again, may not need to buy one this yr.


We go camping a lot on the weekends and its great for camping or travel- you dont have to worry about them breaking and they do hold some heat for us. They also hold the cold for that fruity beverage the may or may not be “spiked”:blush: :laugh: :laugh:


Camping??? You mean outside with trees and wild animals like birds and grasshoppers??? I slept in a tent in a backyard once, does that count?


nah- even Im not that primitive… we own a 21 ft travel trailer with pop out ends… I call it our vacation home :laugh: It has a microwave and air conditioning…he he he- I rough it !
Oh and it has a freezer for those “Ladedah” drinks (Ed says I act all La-de-dah after drinking them)


They are only refillable at the drink stations in the food courts in the resorts- If you get a cup of coffee in the am, refill with soda for meals in the afternoon or evening and then hang around that area (normally not too far from the pools) then you get your monies worth-you also get a cup out of the deal to bring home. There are no soda stations in the parks for the mugs. I could not even imagine how they would monitor something like that if they did-


We used the mugs at SSR and plan on getting them again this year. It was convenient because there is a soda fountain at the main pool as well as getting out coffee in the morning while one of us waited for our breakfast.