DVC and Magical Express


Just an FYI…

We just called the published number to make Magical Express reservations and were told we would have to call DVC to make arrangements.

Sounds odd to me… I haven’t seen that tidbit anywhere.



That is odd. But that thought did cross my mind earlier in the week.

We are splitting our stay between WL (cash) and BCV (points) and when I called the other night to add a night to the front of our trip the CM asked how we were getting to WDW. When I told her we were flying in she offered to make DME arrangements for us. Even though we are staying on points for the last part she made all the arrangements (I hope!). I wondered at the time how she was doing that since she couldn’t see our DVC reservation, she just took my word for it.

She told me I wouldn’t get anything about my DME arrangements until about 20 days before my trip. That’s a long time to wait to make sure everything is fine. I may have to call and double check this.


You must call Member Services @DVC to add ME to your ressies.


What if you are renting a car? Can you have your luggage delivered if you don’t use their transportation?


No, you can’t from what I have read.