DVC and non DVC vacations


Look what I came across this evening.

Mouse Manager


Yowza!! That’s plan-erific!


Wow! I likey!


I love it because for youse fancy, shmanzy DVC peeps, there’s this whole part where this thing calculates your points, when they become available, etc.
Oh, how I am counting on the cruise people in January to hold Mike’s hand with pen attached to sign those darn papers. What else is he gonna do, jump overboard? :laugh:


Very interesting, thanks for sharing.


That is exactly what I have wanted to create for myself! I love the planning bit. When I use “my disney vacation” and try to print out my itinerary the conf#'s don’t print out with it. The CMs told me it should but I tried everything and couldn’t get it to work and had to make my own. I can’t wait to put it to good use. Anyone else use it?


Very Nice!


Looks very interesting. Has anyone downloaded it yet? I am too chicken to try it. I will wait for someone else to do it. :slight_smile:


looks like a great tool.


Wow - I’ve never been called “fancy schmanzy” before…:blink:

I doubt he’ll jump - it’s a LOOOONG way down!:ohmy:


Yes, well…I have had DVC envy for a while and I think you people are fancy schmanzy and I want to be one of you :biggrin:

I am going to bring a really nice pen with blue ink for signing a contract :cool:


Wow that is so great. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to plan, plan, plan.


Anyone tried this yet? I agree, it looks REALLY good…:happy:

Prezcatz Paul


Thanks for sharing.


Chicken :tongue: go and download it. I did, it’s good.


Yeah, I want to make sure someone else approves it before I download. :laugh: I just cleared out three viruses from my computer & had to use that c-cleaner program so I am newly wearly of anything downloadable.

Dopey, did you have any problems downloading it, your virus protector didn’t pop up or anything? Does the program seem to have any bugs in it?


no, no problems. And believe me I have all sorts of cleaners, catchers and watchers on my computer.
For me it’s fine.


BTW - I’m fancy schmancy,too.


I know that! You were included in the “youse fancy schmancy…”


I am not even fancy let alone fancy schmancy but I was NOSY and checked out the site anyway and after snooping I clicked on a link to:


I wonder what thats gonna be?..

for the Ultra Fancy Schmancy Pants that $ is no object?!