DVC and Online Dining!


I saw this posted online . . . I know a few members were asking about it.

Just this past week Disney launched its new on-line Advance Dining Reservation system. The new system will allow guests visiting a Walt Disney World Resort to book their dining reservations on-line, up to 90 days in advance. The system allows those to search for restaurants by type, location and cuisine, giving them a glimpse of the restaurants before making their dining reservations.

[B][I]As with any new system, there are always glitches. Disney Vacation Club members get a 10 day advantage when making dining reservations, however, this new system is not allowing DVC members to book in those 10 days prior to the 90-day window for other Disney World guests. Disney is well aware of these issues and is currently working on solutions.
According to DVCNews.com, DVC spokesperson Diane Hancock had confirmed these issues and the company is working on resolving issues with the new system. For now, DVC members can call Member Services to take advantage of their 90 plus 10-day booking period for dining. Members can still utilize the on-line dining reservation system as long as they are making reservations within the normal 90-day booking period.

For more information about Disney’s Advance Dining Reservation system visit Disney World Restaurants | Walt Disney World Resort | Walt Disney World Resort or call 407.WDW.DINE.


I hope they fix it fast. The DVC people are losing out. They can either wait until 7 am for the dining line or 9am for MS (and most likely wait on hold).


Woah, woah, woah… I am TOTALLY confused. DVC MEMBERS GET TO BOOK ADRs at 100 days out!!! Did I read that right or is it too early in the morning? Someone please clarify that for me!!! :eek:


ANYONE staying on property can do the 90 + 10!

The CM I spoke to said you HAVE TO enter your ressie # to be able to do it, but DVC members weren’t able to do it! So I saw this online and thought I’d post it for all the DVC members! :happy:


We need to clarify… DO DVC members get to book 100 days out or do they get to book at 90 days from arrival + 1o days of stay. There is a huge difference. Booking at 100 days out is a HUGE advantage, 90 plus 10 isn’t any different than what I though everyone else got! Help!!! I am so confused!!!


90+10 is what I was told??


DVC members get to book 90+10 just like all other Disney resort guests. Since the new online dining system doesn’t recognize DVC reservation numbers, we still have to call to do the 90+10. I’d sure take 100 days out…would prefer 120. Right now, I’ll just be happy when they get the online system to work for us.


Oh, Thanks! I got really excited for a moment!!! I am praying the online system gets up and running for DVC real soon, I book on July 16th!!!

When anyone hears teh news on this, can you please post!!! Thanks Guys!


The way that article was worded it sounded very confusing, it says “DVC members get a 10 day advantage” & then something along the lines of "new system is not allowing DVC members to book in those 10 days prior to the 90-day window " Both of those things to me made me sound like we had a DVC advantage & were able to book 10 days PRIOR to the normal 90 booking window. :huh: Oh well, whateva’. I still liked the old 120 days or whatever it used to be.