DVC and promotions?


My husband and I have been tossing around the idea of the DVC for a couple of years now. I think this year will be the year we buy.
Can DVC members participate in the WDW promotions…free dinning?
Also what are the financial advantages of the DVC?
Are there any disadvantages of a DVC?

Thanks for info :mickey:


We’ve been on the fence for years also and I do know that DVC member do not have the opportunity to get free dining.


As a DVC member, no you don’t get to have free dining, but with the savings overall of staying at a deluxe resort and the other perks, it definitely is still a great deal. DVC members do get an initial $100 of annual passes, and then when renewing its an additional $47 off. Someone can probably go into more details specifically how it saves money, but all I know is I get to go to Disney twice a year for such a minimal amount of money, its just wonderful, and wish I purchased years earlier. Definitely something to look into.


I just wanted to add if you are happy with value resorts, you’ll probably not save money with all the discounts that happen. And DVC in my opinion is not for people who plan a trip a few months out. There are many people who book at a home resort at 11 months. Yes, there are times you can call up and say I’ll stay anywhere, what do you have in a month but you may end up 2 nights here and 2 nights there.

Now after that gloom and doom…we love DVC, we would have NEVER stayed in the resorts we are staying in and it just adds to our enjoyment.


First…there is no such thing as “free” dining. It means a bundled package, and often at rack rates.

Is DVC a good deal? I rent points to guests, and ONLY when WDW was running the stay 4 get 3 free deal did they match the price of renting points, paying for the DVC DP, and buying park tickets. And that was ONLY if you stayed at value resorts. And my member fees (annual dues) cost is well below the rental rate.

There are lots of things to consider buying DVC, with the main being how often you want to visit WDW or a Disney property. There are restrictions on use of resale contracts, but buying direct from DVC you can use points for other properties, trade into cruises, Adventures by Disney or trade into other non Disney timeshares. (Your best value is staying in DVC resorts by far!)

The best thing DVC has going for it (other than LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION) is the flexability. Stay 1 night or as many as you can until your points run out. You can start with as few as 25 points (resale) then add on cash/finance 25/50 points at a time until your reach the number you want.

Feel free to email me with any questions. RLC@RLCarmichael.com I am in real estate and started with 200 points and 2 contracts. I now have 11 contracts and a whole lot more points than I thought I ever would buy - I must like it! :laugh: