DVC and Valentine's Day


Well, for Valentine’s Day, we visited the notary at our bank. It was the best Valentine’s Day ever! Why you ask? Because we signed at all the Mickey ears and dated at all the palm trees :happy: She notarized our signatures and my husband said “Happy Valentine’s Day” … I told him that we didn’t even need to go to dinner :laugh: And away I drove to the Fed Ex box!!

To top it all off, I wasted no time scoring a Christmas week ressie at BCV. We’ll be in a 1-bedroom from Dec 20th through the 26th. I was happy because it was only 199 points, since the ponits season changes on the 24th.

We’re having a great WDW year… concierge at AKL this past January, bounceback for free dining in September at the Poly, and Christmas week at BCV! I’m very happy :mickey:


:goofybounce: That is AWESOME:goofybounce:


Welcome Home!


Holy Moley! If I weren’t busy being so jealous of you, I’d be happy for you.:tongue: :laugh: :flowers:


:laugh: I understand completely! I’m almost afraid to tell anybody because I don’t want to appear like I’m gloating! :blush:


Hehee, I know what you mean, but, feel free to gloat away!! I think its absolutely wonderful. :happy:


WOW…BCV at Christmas???Don’t waste all that good luck, quick go buy some lottery tickets.:laugh: Then you can buy more points.


I felt the same way when we signed everything- it was a cute romantic lunch at a sushi bar that we signed everything and then the bank across the street- as soon as it was in the mail my husband was so excited like a little kid!


Congratulations! That is awesome! Your husband should be in the clear for at least one more V-Day also!:laugh:


Oh gloat away- thats wonderful news, so pleased for you!


I certainly HOPE you made it a SPECIAL night. :wub:

Welcome Home, officially!!!


YAY! We’re growing like moss I tell ya! :biggrin:



OMG Leslie!!! We did the same thing! All our papers are dated Valentine’s Day!!!


Congratulations and welcome home!!!


Congratulations. That is excellent news for you…I know you will enjoy your membership.

Prezcatz Paul


It was a school night so we’re celebrating tonight :ph34r: :laugh:


:laugh: Great minds think alike! I thought it seemed like a good gift to eachother- We didn’t get eachother anything else! :eek: :wink:


You WHAT??? ok ok :fork_off: :fork_off: that is awesome!!! :nonono2: :nonono2: I will be happy for you!!! I will- Honest… it’s not awesome- that is down right totally, amazingly AWESOME! :frostyang :frostyang ok, I’m not jealous… I am NOT going to go cry to my husband- I am saying "how nice for you! that is wonderful! and I MEAN it! I Do!!! :pinch: :pinch:

:heart: :wub:


:laugh: See what I mean? Maybe I should have kept it to myself…:blush: :laugh: