DVC Annual Dues and Gift Cards


Last year we were very fortunate to have a lot of Disney gift cards from rewards from DH’s work. I went to pay our annual dues for DVC and they told me they don’t accept them. I just read on another thread (I know, I’m sorry, but it’s been so quiet around here, that I just had to go elsewhere to get my fill!) that people are buying gift cards from Target with some kind of deal of getting more on the gift card than they paid, and then are paying their dues with the gift cards. Has anyone else paid their dues with Disney gift cards? Was I just misinformed by a Cast Member?


I had not heard if you could do it with gift cards but I use my Disney Visa reward points to help offset some of my annual dues cost.


This is how I pay my dues also.


Definitely a misinformed cast member, because I just paid my dues yesterday with gift cards. Our local grocery store gives you money off your gas for gift card purchases,so we do it this way every year.