DVC Annual Meeting


I attended the DVC Annual Meeting yesterday. Highlights:

[li]Grand Floridian announced! Opening end of 2013.
[/li][li]On-line booking starts gradually beginning Jan 19
[/li][li]DVC members will be able to purchase Tables in Wonderland without an AP
[/li][li]More TV channels including FOX News
[/li][li]Point reallocations are coming again in 2013
[/li][li]Vacation planner being mailed now – handed out at meeting
[/li][li]Will be able to use points to book the Grand Californian hotel again


Do you know when the TIW will happen? I just bought one last week, but because of timing the AP for a trip next yr, we had a few meals without one.

Any other info about the points in 2013? I wonder if every day will now be the same, no more weekend extra points.