DVC, AP & Dining Plan Question


Hello. If I stay at my DVC this year and purchase APs for the family can we add on the dining plan? Or do we have to purchase the tickets just for the length of stay to be able to add on the dining plan?


no no no, you can DEFINATELY add on the dining plan to any DVC reservation. It has nothing to do with annual passes or tickets at all. You just call and tell them you want to add it for your trip. We do it everytime :smile:


Thank you so much for clearing up my confusion! :blush:

Have a fun vacation!


Just an added thought, if you split your stay between two resorts, you could buy the DDP for only part of the trip. When my DH and I go in Sept, we plan to do just that. Last time after a few days on the dining plan we were so stuffed but we thought it would be great for part of a trip.


We were considering staying at 2 resorts this time. That’s a good idea. Thanks.