DVC Aulani, not enough points


Hi all, I need your help to figure out how to do my ressies for this Hawaii trip.

I have 540 points that i can use…(180 per year). I have banked 2011 points. I will use next year’s, and borrow from the 2013.

I am using points for 2 separate rooms: 1 for my parents, and one for us.

So, if I stay at Aulani for 10 nights I need 580 points.
What can I do if I can only buy 24 one-time use points?


I have looked at dave’s rental site and because I only need 40 points, I don’t think I can do that. He states that there is a minimum of 44 rental points. I just need a fresh take on this. Maybe someone has ideas on what I should do do manipulate my reservation. But I really want it to be easy. I am worried about glitches with the reservation being linked or needing to change rooms.


You are honestly best calling DVC directly and getting the low down on this.


I did call them, and they told me that I can only do a one time rental of 24 points. I need to find 40 points somehow.


You could pay cash for one night at the DVC rate if they have it available. If I have to do this I always pick a day other than Friday or Saturday because the other days are cheaper.


Dvcrentalstore was able to get us less than 40 so that is a distinct possibility.


I will have to call and see if I can do this or if it will mean I need to check out and check back into another room. But very good idea, thanks. I will give it a try.


Thanks, I only thought about trying Dave’s site.

When you did your points rental, was it for an add-on like what I want to try? If yes, how did they link the reservations?


You can get points elsewhere, like from another member, or you can pay cash. Teh cash price can be daunting, especially if you are used to the lovely DVC practice of checking out with no bill whatsoever!


See if Rich (Carmichael) has any points he can transfer to you. I have banked mine in anticipation of next years October trip. One DVC owner can transfer points to another.


There’s another board out there dedicated to dvc owners, MouseOwners.com - The Web’s Most Friendly and Reliable Source for Information on the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). They are constantly renting/transfering points from that site. Definitely do some homework, and I would probably stick with someone who’s been on that site for a very long time, but they should be able to help you out.


Ours was not an add on per-Se. We decided to add two nights at OKW to our stay at BWV. It was a separate transaction and separate reservation.


I did not know that!! Thanks for the info. It’s amazing what is not layed out in an easy to find manner in the info they give you. I will look into this. Thanks again.