DVC Discounts on AP'S


I read somewhere here on the DC(and cant find the post) that once you become a member of the DVC that you get a discount on AP’S. Does anyone know what type of discount?


It’s $125 off new ap and $100 renewal.


I got $125. off my annual pass! Great Deal! We’ve already used ours twice, and have another longer trip coming in August!


WOW, THAT’S AN AWESOME DEAL!!! I wish I owned DVC. :crying:


DVC members save $100 on adult standard APs and $88 on a child’s standard AP. Members save $125 on adult premium APs and $111 on a child’s premium AP. Renewal savings are not quite as good, a $15 - $20 less discount than on the original purchase. DVC members can get the discount for immediate family members, which can include parents/grand parents/in-laws.


KEWL Thanks for the info. As soon as we get all the paperwork done for the DVC etc we are going to wait a month or so and get our AP’S…

We are so excited we cant wait…


Family members have to have the SAME address. Or you can do what we did and include the kids (all 18+) on the deed so they are members too. That way if they EVER finish college and move out their familys will also be able to get passes.