DVC DROPS point values at DL hotels for '07!


Wow, this may make it easier, points wise, for a lot of DVC members to get out to Disneyland!! In the mail yesterday I got the point value flyers for 2007 and they DROPPED! WOOHOO!

for example…

Disneyland Hotel
2006 (Standard, value season): 23 points.
for 2007 they dropped to only 19!!!

Regular Season dropped from 29 points to 24!!!

GRand Californian
2006 (standard reg season): 29 points
for 2007 they dropped to 24!!!

Regular season dropped from 37 to 30!!!

Paradise Pier
2006 (standard, val season) 25 points
for 2007 they dropped to 20!!!
Regular season went from 35-28!!

I am REALLY excited about this!! THIS June our trip is 69 points, if we go the SAMe time next year with the same standard room it will only be 57 points!!

ALTHOUGH, please note that the drops reflect sun-thursday nights. 2006 didn’t have this differentiation, but for 2007 they split the point values like most other DVC stays into sun-thurs points and fri-sat points. AMAZING for people who go during the weekdays!! :biggrin:


I received the same mailing. Glad to see DVC take this step!

I notice the point values for all other resorts remain the same for the first time. Again, very nice!