Dvc Dvd question


Hey folks,

I am curious if someone here would be willing to make a copy of the DVC DVD for me? I ask because DW and I have talked about becoming members in the future and when I looked to see about ordering the free dvd I am concerned that I will start to get calls to buy into it and at this time we are not in a position but I want to research it as much as possible. Now if they don’t call you that is great and I retract my request and I will order it. I just don’t want them to start soliciting me to buy into it until I have done all the research. Sorry for rambling.


As far as I know, you will not get calls from WDW if you order the video. I think DVC sells very well and Disney doesn’t have to go out of their way to try to do a hard sell with people.


I have never heard of anyone who had requested a DVC DVD being contacted as a result of the request.

I think that the only times a DVC Guide (salesperson in plain English :happy: ) calls someone is if one has requested to be contacted or if one was referred to DVC by a current owner.


Even after I called and got the information packet no one from Disney or DVC called me until I called back asking for a call.


I got it and they never, ever bothered me. Go ahead and order it.


We looked into it and the only times that we were called was after we went for an onsite look and then they called like 60 days later and then 90 days later. At that time we told them we decided against it and that was the last time they called. We still get advertizement every now and then but that all.


Yeah, order it. They are NOT the soliciting overkill typa’ timeshare thing. They won’t bother you at all.


we ordered a DVD, and we received no calls whatsoever.


I ordered the Disney DVD and I only got one call…to see if I wanted this really cool hardback book…I said yes, and then they gave me a number of someone I could call when I was ready…that was months ago and I havent heard from them since!
So go ahead…request the video!



Thanks for all your replies! I just ordered the dvd online and since I am on my lunch break, I am watching the video online too



good for you.


I was actually confused that no one tried to contact me. It is the most pressure-less transaction I had ever made. Good Luck and enjoy


I ordered one and got a free can of tuna, but no calls.

I was confused, too.