DVC extra mousekeeping fee?


Hello. If you stay in a DVC you do not get daily mousekeeping. Instead you get towel & garbage service on the 4th day & complete cleaning on the 8th day. What if you need more towels? Do they bring them to you?

I read somewhere that there is the option to purchase daily mousekeeping for a fee. Does anyone know how much this fee is?


Oh…I’d like to know the answer to this as well. Daily towel delivery and bed making is such a treat while on vacation.


[B]You do not get daily mousekeeping unless you pay BIG BUCKS for it.

I found this on another site were a current DVC owner listed prices…
Towels only (4 bath, 2 hand, 4 washcloths & mat) are $6.
Other prices vary by unit size.

Full cleaning for a studio is $30. I don’t remember what trash & towel service is, maybe $15?

I don’t remember the prices for 1 bedroom & larger.

EDIT: DVCmember.com came back online, at least for a few minutes.

Here is the full price list:

Pay As You Play
With Pay As You Play service, you’ll be provided with the following amenities free of charge at the start of your stay. After that, you may purchase more for the following fees:

Toiletries Package, $5.00 - 1 facial soap, 1 bath soap, 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 shower gel
Coffee Package, $3.00 - 1 package of coffee, 8 sugars, 8 creamers, 8 artificial sweeteners
Towel Package, $6.00 - 4 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 4 washcloths, 1 bath mat
Laundry Detergent (only in One-, Two-, and Three-bedroom Vacation Homes), $1.00 - 1 box

Additional Full Cleaning Rates:
Studio/Inn Room - $30.00 per day requested
One-Bedroom - $45.00 per day requested
Two-Bedroom - $60.00 per day requested
Three-Bedroom - $75.00 per day requested

Additional Trash & Towel Rates:
Studio/Inn Room - $15.00 per day requested
One-Bedroom - $20.00 per day requested
Two-Bedroom - $25.00 per day requested
Three-Bedroom - $35.00 per day requested

Note: Rates are subject to change


Yikes, that is spendy!!


WOW - I think I’ll make my own bed & tidy up myself!


UH Yeah, that is what we did when we stayed at OKW in June. To be honest, there was only 4 of us, and it was no big deal. Plus we had a “garbage” receptacle closet near our room that we tossed our trash in.


Before our first DVC stay I thought we might miss the daily mousekeeping service but we didn’t. I make the beds not matter where we stay and we usually hang our towels to dry and reuse them so we were happy. Actually, it was kind of nice knowing that no one wouldbe in our room while we were out. I didn’t worry about what we left out when we left in the mornings.


I used the trash and towel service last christmas and it was great. We had a two-bedroom @ WL. and it only cost $10 per day. It was worth it.


With a one & two bedroom you do have a washer & dryer in the rooms. We usually wash them ourselves. As far as the beds, We make them ourselves while waiting for somebody to finish up getting ready. I would use that extra $10. per day for purchasing additional pins. :mickey:


My family prefers not having mousekeeping. No worry about “will our room be done when we get back” or having someone knocking on the door at 8 ish in the morning. My DS stayed at POP last time and in his words, “those maids are vicious”. He tended to go out at night and didn’t get to bed till 1 am or so, so they were not early risers. When the mousekeeping started their rounds, they kept knocking every 20 min. It drove them crazy. I told them just to put out the privacy card, duh.