DVC for Small Biz (and Taxes)!


Hi everyone, I’m new here and I wanted to share this with you all.

If you own a small business (as I do), here is something to think about;

After taking a trip to WDW in '99 I spoke to both my company accountant and tax accountant about buying in to the DVC for my company.

So, it works out really, really, really well.

You see, right after I bought points, I created an employee of the month program and give points to an employee for a 5 day stay at OKW. I pay for plane tix, but park passes and food are up to them.

Then, my attorney told me that I should be utilizing the points for a corporate getaway.

Both activities became write-off’s (granted, a small write-off, but it really helped).

So, if you own even a home business - remember to utilize your points for biz purposes.

Feel free to ask questions.