Dvc & free dinin


My friend rented dvc points from one of her coworkers. And she added tickets and the deluxe dining plan. If they release a free dining code will she be eligible? She’s staying at a deluxe studio in Kidani


No, you can not get free dining while renting or owning at DVC resorts.


She will not be happy lol


DVC members have never been offered free dining and I don’t see it happening. Free dining is used to sell empty rooms at rack rate. I’m sure your friend is getting a better deal than free dining would be paying rack rate at a deluxe resort.


This is absolutely true. If she had a package deal with WDW, then she would be able to have the free dining IF she had a code. Renting points for a DVC is FAR less expensive than paying rack rate.


She rented thru a coworker for $5 a point! Lol


Holy crap! and she think she should get free dining? lol Sorry, but that’s insane.


Wow!:ohmy: Does she have any idea of what a great deal that is! I’ve never heard of anyone renting points for less than $10. a point. And that is a bargain!


Hahaha she knows lol. She just thought it may still be a chance. I’m sure shell be ok with it lol


my thoughts exactly…