DVC free internet access?


Was I dreaming or did I really read somewhere that DVC members get free internet? My sister and I are staying this Wed thru Sat at SSR. She may be required to do work for her job but she’ll need internet access. As a DVC member do I get the free internet? For the entire stay or for a set amount of time? If we don’t get it for free, how much is it?



Yes, DVC members get free internet. We’ve used it several times and it’s nice to not have to pay for it.


Yup, you get free internet for the length of your stay. I really enjoyed that last October when we stayed at OKW.


Great…it’ll make my sister’s life easier. Her job just cut a ton of people and now the ones remaining are coming all the jobs and she’s super stressed.

BTW Wishy, is that a stuffed Mickey in your avatar or something else? Looks really cool!


BTW Wishy, is that a stuffed Mickey in your avatar or something else? Looks really cool![/QUOTE]

YES! I was in a store in Adventureland, Disneyland, BUT I am assuming they may also have them in WDW. So cute, right?


how is it that you get the internet? I have seen the outlet and the cable in the closet, but how do you get the interenet? do we need to have some type of password to login or something?


I believe you have to enter your membership number on the log in page (I may be wrong about this). Honestly, my DH always does it and I don’t pay a lot of attention.


Yup, it’s super cute! :wub: I hope it’s at WDW…nice to see some new things. :blush:


I think you’re right. Either that or it pulled the ressie info from your room number which shows you as a DVC member. Now that I think about it I can’t remember which. I wish DVC would upgrade to WiFi so we’re not stuck sitting at the desk though.


ME TOO! We were in a dedicated two bedroom and we had to sit at the table next to the couch to get on line. It was a real pain since part of our group was using the fold out bed to sleep in. There was no outlet in the second bedroom where my family was sleeping.


dang thats not cool! that there is only one outlet there should atleast be one per room.