DVC grocery delivery!


I am new to this whole DVC thing, but I just discovered that DVC resorts will stock your fridge! There is a form online and for a fee of $5, they will fulfill your grocery order and deliver it to your villa at 5 p.m. on the day of your arrival.

They have everything you could want, except for ground coffee, which we bring in the suitcase anyway. No more grocery store trips! YAY!

Sorry if this is old news, but I am just so thrilled! Here is the info from the site:

Grocery Order
Print out a grocery order form from the Disney Vacation Club Resort of your choice.

Take advantage of the opportunity to pre-order groceries and have them delivered to you after check-in at a Disney Vacation Club Resort. Simply print out one of the Grocery List/Request Forms below and fax or mail it to the appropriate Disney Vacation Club Resort.

Grocery List/Request Forms:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas
Disney’s Beach Club Villas
Disney’s Boardwalk Villas Resort
Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort
Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
Disney’s Vero Beach Resort
The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

In order to view the lists, you need to have software installed on your computer that allows you to read PDF formatted files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software, get it at the Download Center.


Wow, that IS a very nice perk.


I looked at that but the prices are pretty high for the groceries. Isnt there “garden grocer” too? My sister also suggested Amazon who sells groceries. Im planning on bringing some with me in my suitcase as well and when we are done our case will be free to carry souveniers. Ill pack things like laundry tabs and coffee, snacks, water and things like that. As for the bigger groceries I might have my friend drive me to get those- she lives outside of Orlando and is one of my closest friends-


We plan on doing this on our upcoming trip to AKLV!! We’ve never used this service before. We have a studio (mini-fridge) and only plan on eating breakfast in the room so we are going to order Milk, Waffles, Juice and then some chips and SpagettiO’s in case the kids are hungry after swimming at night. Hubby ususally runs to the store when we first get there to make our purchases, but for the $5 delivery charge we figured we’d give it a try.

If I had to stock a full fridge for the week it would be WAY too expensive to use this service, but I think it will work great for what we need.


that would be why we are not doing it- we are going to see how inexpensively we can do the whole vacation with cooking in room. That was one of the things we decided to do in order to buy DVC- if we eat in room we can save a lot of $$ and possibly go every year.


We have done this kind of service at Vistana before. We usually buy the breakfast stuff, especially bagels and cream cheese. Also a ton of junk, like sodas, chips and cookies. After all, vacation is vacation!

The prices are pretty high, but compared to our local grocery stores, not totally weird to us. I think that for the junk we buy, we will be OK on the $$$ too…


Oh, and I just saw in a thread somewhere that the Hess Station (right across from BWV) also has cheap junk foods and sodas. How convenient, when you really need that cookie fix!


Gardengrocer.com (do I have that right?) is much less expensive and they deliver, too. We used them on our last trip and were very pleased.


Yeah, but BossMouse, can GardenGrocer food possibly taste as good as Disney food?

(Just kidding!)

Actually, I will go check out the GG site now. I am so happy to not have to shop. But the kdis stilll want to always get that color swirl bread at Goodings. And we also need some wine and vodka…


Hey MissDis, Daniel and I use this service EVERY time! I don’t care about the extra little $5. fee or that the prices might be slightly higher than our home grocery store b/c walking into our Studio with a stocked kitchenette ROCKS! By the way, even though they SAY “by 5pm” everything has always been in our room by the time we got there, even as early as 10am. We’ve been lucky I guess. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this service. There is nothing like entering a room when you’re tired, thirsty, & hungry from traveling & all your favorite drinks & goodies are already there! :smile:

Definately try it once, great convenience.


Did I mention they brought beer?

(Jess - everything in NJ is higher than Delaware. That’s why it it’s free to get into NJ, but costs $3 to get out.) c’mon that’s funny stuff


I’ve done it at Vistana, too! The first couple of trips. Now I go and get my own stuff.


very true. :laugh: :laugh:


Garden Grocer charges a $12 delivery fee though.


bwwaaaaaa haaaaa haaa! I never thought of that one before!!! That cracked me up!!!


If I stay at the BV but I’m not a DVC member can I still use these services??


We used the delivery service through DVC and were very happy. Mind you, we didn’t get a lot of food, just milk, some cereal, bread, lunch meats and some snacks. But the service was excellent (everything was there when we checked in early) and very convenient, and the prices not bad considering we never had to leave Disney once we arrived. We didn’t do any cooking in our 1-bedroom villa. My wife said we were on vacation and would eat like we were too. Plus we had the dining plan. One thing to keep in mind is that dining plan snack credits can be used to buy certain foods at the resort store like 2-liter botles of soda, large bags of potato chips and other items like that. Not that many people know this, but the store employees were happy to let us know. We did enjoy a nice meal in our room, but that was using carryout dinners from the Artist’s Pallete. Very good.


I haven’t used the dining plan this year but I think that has changed. I have read that you can only use snacks for single serve items. I’ll miss the big bags of chips and boxes of donuts and cookies.


I was wondering that as well. Not sure, but I will try to find out for you. The shopping list I saw was actually on the members’ site, which requires a PIN number to access, so it might just be a member perk, but you never know… maybe if you rent points, the member you rent them from can also submit your grocery order?


To add to that question- are you charged by DVC? Or do you pay at check-in?