DVC Grocery Delivery


After pouring over various threads, I have shopped and compared (as Wish suggested in a thread from earlier this year) Gardengrocer and the DVC delivery service. The $12 delivery fee from garden grocer does equalize the higher prices from DVC, so they are just about equal for our small order ($60). We are only staying for four days next week.

I think for longer stays, gardengrocer would be more cost effective.

Here’s the clincher… Does the DVC grocery delivery offer beer??? If not, I guess we’ll have to go with Gardengrocer.


We never order beer so I’m not sure the answer on that one but we have found the SAME thing as you; the $12 delivery free has equalized the totals anytime we’ve tried. The differnce has only been within a couple dollars.

DVC basically delivers any of the grocery items they have in the market sections of their DVC resort stores, so if you’ve seen beer in there then I assume they’d deliver it. :huh: Not positive, but you could always do your grocery order & grab the beer later if they sell it at the resort.


I was told that YES, you can order beer from DVC Delivery Service.


Thanks Ladies! We’re excited for Beach Club next week! By the way, the DVC order form says they don’t deliver before 5:00… is that what you found?


We’ve only gotten our delivery ONCE after 5pm, otherwise, the groceries have been in our room before we even got there on several occassions. I guess it just depends how busy they are & room availability.


Thanks again- I’m filling out the form as we speak!