DVC initial purchases starting at 50 pts


I have read DVC is allowing initial purchases of as little as 50 points.


Ours was 150 back in 2001. Doesnt seem like 50 would get you far. I guess it would get you in and you could borrow and save to make it worth while. Probably would need to add to it within a few years though.


Fifty points wouldn’t work well for us but I think it would for families who only go every few years in a studio for a week or so.


Having rented points, I know 50 won’t get you to far, but it may help you get started. this may be a good option for someone who is not ready to financially commit to over 100 points or good for someone who doesn’t go every year like DT said.


Wow I will have to let folks know


Maybe that’s the way DVC is trying to get reluctant families, especially in a bad economy, to get their foot in the door. You can always add on in the future & still get the benefits as a member now. 50 points would no way get me anywhere, especially because I have to travel during the high seasons but maybe it will work for some, who knows.


I havent been able to find any info on this. Please help:blush:


We just bought into DVC with 100 points at OKW for $90. pt. We got 100 from 2009 and we’ll get 100 more in Sept. We’ve been wanting to get in but the 160 points was just too much. This way we “get out foor in the door” and can add on later. We are very excited!!:wub:


Congrats! Did you get them from Disney or resale?


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We got the OKW points through Disney. They said that was the best deal they had going on right now and that the points were going fast.


<–has been getting by with 50 points for 3 years now. And we have gone every year until now staying in a studio but with my 40th bday next year I am looking to take family to celebrate so I am banking this year’s points and borrowing from the next year to get a place.

While we do want to add on in the future for now, we are good with what we have for now :slight_smile: