DVC Member cruise


It is my understanding that as a DVC member we can use our points on Disney and other cruise lines. Does anyone have any frst experience doing this? I was wondering if you felt it was a good use of the points vs. the WDW or DL trip? Any input appreciated…


We were just reviewing this same thing (using DVC points for the cruise) today as we are still debating joining DVC on our next trip to WDW. I’m very interested to hear everyone’s opinion about using points for the cruise instead of WDW rooms!!:confused:

Prezcatz Paul


I am not a DVC member, but I have thoroughly looked into it (a bit too late for us…). It appears to be a waste to use points on anything but DVC rooms. Well… a waste isn’t the best word. The best value with DVC points is DVC rooms.

BUT… if you were going to bank/borrow, and didn’t really care to go to WDW in the next year or two, then DCL might be a good idea. I suppose it all depends on how long you have been a member, how often you vacation, and how many points you receive per year. It’s a personal choice, really.

I suppose, if you wanted to do the math, then you could price the cruise without the points, and then find the price you’ve paid per year (up to this point… as in, if you’ve been a member for 4 years, then you’ve paid this much per year… not dues. It’s the total price divided by member years. Make sense?) If it comes to be about even (or, of course, a better deal), then do it.


I was just speaking to someone at DVC and she said they are running a promotion that gives you double points the first year or something to that affect . . . I do remember her saying “So you can take a cruise the FIRST year without using all your points at once!” . . . Call them and ask about the incentives!! (If you were thinking of joining anyway?) :blush:


Staying at DVC resorts IS the best value, however, when you consider the annual fee on the points and the number of points required for a cruise AND the fact that it includes meals it’s actually a decent deal.

I figure considering the annual fee cost the total was pretty decent discount off the rack rate for the cabin.

And there is a members only social (with member door prizes) and a public DVC informational social where I won a $300 shipboard credit.


We are DVC Members and we have gone on the Disney Cruise. However, it is much more cost effective to pay cash for the cruise and sell your points for the going rate of $10 per point. We actually did this instead of using our points for the cruise itself.


Good point.


I think the points needed for the cruise are way too high and very poor value for money compared to the regular DVC resorts.


It really depends on how you choose to determine the annual cost of points.

The annual fee is $4-5. I figure the cost of buying the points at less than $2 per point, per year for me. That’s $6-7 per year in cold hard cash. Now I could “rent” my points for $10 so I’d be taking less than $3-4 profit per point rented (after paying merchant cost for processing credit cost/ebay fees.)

My cruise cost me $1900. That was $700 less than the cost to buy it. Hardly a very poor value.

But if I had rented the points at $10 and bought the cruise I would have come a couple of hundred ahead but not enough in my mind to have to deal with renting the points. That’s not to say that I won’t in the future though.

You BEST value for DVC points is and will be DVC resorts. If you use the points for other on site resorts, the cost per night is higher although you still come out ahead over paying for the room. Plus I can stay at the Poly or GF in a room that would cost me $400 a night and don’t have to pay the TAX of 11-15% and THAT in itself is a substancial savings of $45-60 per night. So that $400 a night room REALLY cost you $450 per night.

The REAL value in DVC to me is that it FORCES me to take time off - something I’m not real good about working for myself.