DVC member locations


I was wondering if anyone has used their membership to book locations other than WDW and DL? I was interested to hear about some other locations that other members have gone too. I was thinking about getting the AP’s in Dec or just going to other DVC locations and forget the Ap’s. My kids wanted to try the bahamas and HI but when I called today there wasnt anything avail. I may look into WI for July because my oldest wanted to go to an American Girl Warehouse sale.
So what other locations have you tried and did you like it?


I have been to the Bahamas many of times but not using points. I am also going to wait for the Hawaii DVC to open before I go there. I may use my points when we go to DLP.
I say get the APs cause you will use them for your Dec. and May trip. Who knows you may go again next yr.


We’ve used our DVC at Hilton Head and spent alot of time in closeby Savannah, also drove up to Charleston and had a great time. We’ve also used our points at Keystone Colorado in June 2006 and it was fabulous! So much to do in the area, they give you a passport books with coupons for lots of really fun things to do. Denver is nearby, we visited the Capital, The Mint, the Denver Zoo and the Hammonds Candy Company (did a tour). We also did the Georgetown Loop Railroad…totally awesome! We learned to Kayak on their private lake, also learned to flyfish, went on a beaver prowl in the mountains…saw where the beavers build their dams and actually saw several in their natural habitat. There is SO much to do and it’s so relaxing.


I’ve been wondering the same thing, and i’m completely waiting for the DVC in Hawaii


Oh, I forgot to say that Keystone was something like 95 points for a one bedroom condo and 125ish for a 2 bedroom condo. That was for 5 nights (Sun-Thurs nights) and Friday we drove to Colorado Springs to check out a few things down there on our way home.


That sounds sooo cool. My husband Ed wanted to try the keystone Co location. I almost dropped to the floor when I heard that come out of his mouth. When I purchased DVC he wanted NOTHING to do with it. I actually called today and HI was booked for 2009 so what I was thinking was Aruba!! Its only 123 pts for 5-15 5-22 but the only thing is that I would need to get passports. So who knows… Im still thinking…


We’re thinking about getting passports too, so we’re ready for a trip if something “happens to come up”. It’s not as expensive as I thought it would be, we just need to make the time to do it since both parents have to be present when you get a passport for a minor/child. We’d love to try a cruise (non DVC points) or maybe go to the Cancun area (playa del carmen) if we could find decent airfare.


I need to get with it about the passport but Im happy to know about CO not being so may pts. What month did you go? We would love to Go to CO


Be sure to ask for “River Run” area if you book at Keystone! It’s the best!


That sounds like a blast!!! Is it up in the mountains???


We are saving up air miles so we can get to HI for free, then book a 2-br condo on the beach through II…


That would be great!! Free airline!!! I dont get miles with SWA I just get some RR credit…


We went the last week of June/beginning of July 2006. It’s about an hour west of Denver, the beautiful Rocky Mountains all around you, just breathtaking!