DVC Member site down?


Just tried logging into the member site and it will not accept my credentials. I know I have not changed the password recently and it will not work. I clicked on the fort password link and enter the info but it just goes back to the member login prompts.

Curious to know if others are having problems before I call in to raise heck about it


Hmmm… I couldn’t log in either but I’m not sure I know my user name or password (my DH set it up w/o asking what I wanted it to be). It’s saved on another computer so I don’t usually don’t need it.

Let me get my laptop out and see if I can log in from it. I may be locked out for too many ba attempts but we’ll see.


I can’t get in either (and this time I know my log in information!). I get the following message:

[I]Sorry, we are not able to save your registration information at this time. Please try again later.

Please continue to browse the Disney Vacation Club site.[/I]


Can’t get into the Disney website at all for making online dining reservations. Says it is down for maintenance.


Get that same message when trying to do my online check-in


I haven’t been able to get on for about a week.


I was in yesterday, but it’s hard down today. I got a message down for maintance.

ALso read that some group hacked the Orlando city sites as a protest. May or maynot have anything to do with that. Tried getting in wioth Chrome and get the same result.


They let me in.

But then it is me, so I understand.


When are you going to stop using those fake IDs? :whistling


:laugh: That was great. Helped to lift up my gloomy day

Site is still down for me as well. May be they got me confused with BossMouse?


Not with me, brother - I just got in again.

They dig me, what can I say?


OK it took a call to member services to have my username reset. Since becoming members I had used my email address to log in. They are no longer allowing email addresses to be used to log in. I had to create a new username since the one I had entered in was associated with my email address. It does not make much sense to me why they changed it, its not like it would be easy for someone to be able to get into my account as it is.

At least the CM was as usual super nice.

I did ask them about using BossMouse as my user name and I was told that name is under a special watch list :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad they fixed it for you!

I’m still logging in with my email address (as my user name) with no issue.
I wonder how long that will last!