DVC members & annual passes


I was just wondering how other DVC members get their annual passes? I let my pass expire on purpose so I could re-buy and have an expiration date closer to Daniel’s pass (we ended up 6 months apart which stinks). I usually just purchase them on-line with our discount, get the voucher in the mail, & redeem it at the ticket window BUT my Dad told me today that he wants to buy my pass as a birthday/anniversary gift! :biggrin: He said he’d give me the money before our trip next month.

My question is, have other DVC members bought their annual passes right at the ticket window & if so was it easy to get the DVC discount with no problems?



I’d be interested in that information too. Our passes expire 11/4/09, and instead of renewing I’m thinking about buying new in January so that I can use them for three or four trips. If I renew in November, I will probably lose a trip. It would be easier if we can just buy them at WDW.


Well I found this on the Member website:

When a Walt Disney World Annual or Premium Annual Pass is purchased through any Walt Disney World Theme Park or the Downtown Disney Guest Relations location, your Disney Vacation Club Member ID Card must be provided and all adults must present a valid driver’s license or state identification card showing they reside in the same household. The Pass is good for 365 days from the date of purchase. Renewals will be valid for 365 days from the original Pass Anniversary Date.

I am going to assume that purchasing it at the actual window is just as easy as exchanging your on-line purchase voucher. I always have my DVC card with me in WDW so I guess you just show that & your license. I’ve always had to do that to exchange the voucher anyway, I guess it’s just cutting out the middle-man so to speak. :laugh:


If I remember, buying it in person may save you a few bucks. I think when I did it over the phone there was some shipping charge or something. Maybe enough for a mickey bar!


Same discount in person or on-line BUT you’re right, I think I did pay a small shipping fee for them to send the vouchers when I ordered on-line. Maybe $3.00 or something.


Oh no! I thought if we purchased annual passes that they would be effective from the first day of activation, not the date of purchase! This stinks! I was planning on buying one pass per month the this month and each of the next three. Now I will have to put the money aside! I hate doing that, I prefer to actually purchase it and have in hand!

Am I correct in this assumption about the effective date?


Yes, if you buy the actual passes, they activate immediately. However, the vouchers you order from MS do not so you could get those each month and then turn them all in at the window when you go.

Good luck!


I have bought our AP’s at the window and it was no problem at all and didnt take long. All the CM asked for was out DVC member card and Photo ID, we paid and then they printed out our AP’s. The whole thing took maybe 10 mins…


We also always buy annual passes at WDW and it is no problem. Just have photo ID and your DVC card and you are set!


Wishy – We bought one AP through MS so we could get the discount on TIW. Well, the voucher arrived (lime green, you can’t miss it!) and we took it to guest services at the International Gateway. It was scary easy.

Both the AP and TIW activated on that day, and the TIW was good for more than a year!


If you let it expire, you loose the renewal price which is a little cheaper. But if you’re not going for a while it’s worth it.

Buying at the ticket window is no problem at all. You pass become effective immediately. Now if you buy from MS they will send you an AP voucher (PLASTIC)
which doesn’t start until you exchange it at Guest services for your PAPER annual pass.


How about can you take a MYW ticket (unused) and apply toward an AP AND get the DVC discount?


Yeah. They scan it and apply the balance to the new ticket.


That’s great. I’ve heard of just adding the ticket to the AP, but didn’t know the getting the DVC discount too. My DD and family will be staying BLT using our points for 5 nights but they also may book several nights using a free dining pin they got.


I bought my AP at DTD last year. All I did was hand over my DVC membership card along with the credit card and they automatically gave me the discount.


When DD was there a few weeks back, she used my DVC card to purchase her annual pass at the MK ticket window. She showed them her school ID for the photo and report card that had our address on it. She didn’t have any trouble at all.