DVC membership or Camper


Dvc membership or camper??


This one’s easy–DVC.


DVC, in the long run you will get more out of it.


DVC! But I’m so spoiled that the closest I’ll ever get to camping is a cabin at Fort Wilderness. Nature girl I’m not. :laugh:


Oh gosh, this is such a hard question for me! You really tug at two of my heartstrings with these choices. I spent our WDW vacations between 1983-1993 with my Grandparents in an RV at Fort Wilderness. Now my DH and I are DVC members, so I think I am pretty qualified to form an opinion here. :laugh:

The RV will take you anywhere in the US you want to “pick up and go,” it’s personalized 'cause you feel like you are in a “home away from home,” trips tend to be less expensive b/c you can cook in the RV and the site fees are fairly low. The downside is that it will only live for sooo long, we REALLY stretched our camper’s life using it for 10 years, (it was a Tioga Arrow, new in '83) but when it was ready to go it was REALLY ready to go. :laugh:

On the other hand, DVC will last 50 years and have your accomodations 100% paid for. You can ALSO use DVC points to stay all over the world. OH,and if you keep you current camper, or rent one, you know you can use your DVC points for a site at Fort Wilderness! It’s only like 11 points per night or something silly.

This is tough, but I am going to have to go with DVC. They have SO much planned on the horizon and the privleges of memberships just seem to grow more in value. An RV, unfortunately, only continues to depretiate.


:laugh: I can’t even get that close–Hoop Dee Doo is as close to camping as I get.


I have to go with DVC membership!!!


DVC membership, the membership will out last the camper…


I am a nature girl give me camping any day. Plus you can save money and stay longer. I had rather spend my money on a longer stay than on the comfort.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Thank you! I never thought about it like that! plus husband has been wondering how many points a night to stay at FW!!


D V C:mickey:


Voted for the camper. While not big on camping now (did a lot when I was younger), and enjoy the finer things in life now, the camper would give me a place to stay when am in the dog house (am there now).


I would most definitely go for the DVC membership!!:blush:


Oh my gosh, that is too funny BECAUSE my Grandpa would sleep in the RV when my Grandparents would get into fights. :laugh: He’d pull it into the driveway, plug the generator into the garage, and camp out for the night. :laugh:

Good point tishma! I also used it for “pretend camping” trips when I was little and hey, got home renovations going on? Well the RV was a great place to “live” while the house was being turned upside down. :happy:


DVc…better places to stay.


Love my camper. It is great for quick fairly inexpensive weekend trips with the family and taking the trailer is the only way I can get a 2 week WDW trip right now.

I didn’t know you could use DVC points at FW. I think I will have to have DH do some checking into it. Then I could have both (yes I am a greedy girl :laugh: ). Plus, I think I just read a thread about a Disney resort in Hawaii. That’s almost enough to make me want to fly.


Camper depreciates much faster than DVC.


:wub: DVC :wub:


Thanks to everyone! It is official I now own a camper, golf cart, and soon to be annual passes! i know everyone said DVC, but this was the only way I could get annual passes!