DVC Mike live from BCV


We arrived at Disney’s Beach Club Villas (BCV) Friday, October 23 to spend 9 nights in a 1-BR.

I’ve been working 12-hour days for the past few months and I really needed this vacation. I have absolutely nothing planned except dinner ADRs. We’ve haven’t been to a park and probably won’t until day 4.

I got a free 7-day 2-park pass for Universal Studios (Super Bowl promotion), so I’ll probably wander over there sometime during the work week.

The weather is hotter than we usually experience this type of year, but not too bad.

We’re in a room on the 5th floor of BCV, facing Epcot.

This is actually our second room. We originally were given a room on the 5th floor facing the “quiet” pool. However, last night at 11pm, it wasn’t that quiet, with kids screaming and jumping into the pool.

We asked the front desk if there was any possibility we could move, and they quickly found us the room we’re in. Even though we spent a night in the other room, they waived the room change fee!

When we got back to the new room this afternoon, there was a fruit and cheese basket waiting on the table for us!

Our dinner plans are:

[li]Fri [B]Captain’s Grille /B
[/li][li]Sat [B]bluezoo[/B] (Dolphin)
[/li][li]Sun [B]Artist Point /B
[/li][li]Mon [B]Jiko[/B] (AKL)
[/li][li]Tue [B]Kouzzina[/B] (BW)
[/li][li]Wed [B]Le Cellier /B
[/li][li]Thu [B]Flying Fish Café /B
[/li][li]Fri [B]Boma[/B] (AKL)
[/li][li]Sat [B]Yachtsman Steakhouse[/B] (YC)
I’m loking forward to a very relaxing vacation at Walt Disney World!


oh the blue zoo. Have you been there before? I want to try this one in November.


Beautiful pictures as always! Enjoy your trip! :heart:


Yup, what she said.


Wow, working months of 12 hour days… you deserve the respite Mike! Enjoy!


We spent the whole day at Stormalong Bay. Had lunch at Beaches and Cream.

We had dinner for the first time at Todd English’s bluezooat the Dolphin hotel.

My DW absolutely loved it! It was expensive but worth it. It felt very much like a restaurant you’d find in San Francisco.


Once again I love your pictures.

I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Bluezoo, we ate there a couple of years ago and had a wonderful dinner.


Beautiful pictures, once again!


[QUOTE=DVC Mike;1001038]We spent the whole day at Stormalong Bay. Had lunch at Beaches and Cream.

We had dinner for the first time at Todd English’s bluezooat the Dolphin hotel.

My DW absolutely loved it! It was expensive but worth it. It felt very much like a restaurant you’d find in San Francisco.[/QUOTE]

Great, then we will enjoy it as well. I have been drooling over that menu for months :blush:


Your pictures always have such clarity…just beautiful. We’re heading down to BCV on Monday, and I was hoping for weather that was a little cooler. Oh, well, it’s still Disney…just hope our six-month old granddaughter loves it as much as we do.


I got up this morning and for the first time, all my stress from work was gone and I felt relaxed.

I went for a nice morning walk around Crescent Lake, which is one of my favorite things to do when I stay at BCV and BWV.

Beach Club

Walking around Crescent Lake

Yacht Club

The shipwreak slide

My fav place to grab a latte

Stormalong Bay


The external rehab at BWV is still going on, but almost done.


Here is Mrs. DVC Mike’s lengthy review of Captain’s Grille:

The first day that we arrived, my DH had wisely kept the reservation destination low key, we ate at Captain’s Grill at Disney’s Yacht Club resort. We have never been, so of course I was worried. One of the reasons I like to stick with the Chief/Restaurants I know is that I have so many allergies that it can be quite challenging to “create” a meal for me while maintaining the kitchen for all the other guests or perhaps just annoying too.

As I am sure it has been mentioned in the past, I have eight dietary guidelines, some allergies some choices, all strictly adhered to by me. When we were seated we went through the usual routine of waiting for the chief to come and speak with us. I was pleasantly surprised when I turned to see our old friend Brian from the Yachtsmen Steak House! Well, it is quite possible that I squealed, although more than likely that was in my head. He is WONDERFUL for many reasons, but first and foremost his wife has celiac disease, so he is “schooled” to say the least in this arena. Not to mention, he has always gotten that I am not able to go out much at home so essentially we save nearly all of our dining out for our Disney vacations (this is one of the main reasons we signed up for DVC).

I ordered the iceberg wedge that of course has the blue cheese that I cannot have (made with gluten) so he went to Yachtsman Steakhouse next door and picked up their (fancy)blue cheese so that I could enjoy the full flavors of the salad as it was intended, Yummy! In addition to the cheese, it comes with a dressing called green goddess that he was kind enough to put on the side so that I could use as much or as little as I wanted, again something he knows I like to do. Brian is also aware that I love the truffle mashed potatoes at Yachtsman Steakhouse, so of course he was kind enough to go grab a small portion of those while he was there to accompany the veggie plate he made for me as my entree. I was thrilled, to say the least, as I basically ate a “Yachtsman Steakhouse” meal (not really) at a Captain’s Grill price tag. Now before everyone goes in expecting that to be a literal statement, understand that it just had the feel of Yachtsman Steakhouse because of the potatoes that I know were from next door and because Brian worked at Yachtsman Steakhouse (and still does a rotation there) and I know his cooking methods. I was thrilled with the whole meal, an outstanding value with all the thrills that come with Disney dining (surprises all around).

I would like to point out for those of you who do not know the greatness that is Disney, if you go to a restaurant and you are completely thrilled with the way a meal is prepared, asking to speak to the chief or at least getting their card (or name) is a great way to further guarantee an excellent dining experience. At this point I can tell by the conversation at the table if the chief I am speaking to is going to throw a plate together with existing sides that are usually very salty (for me anyway) or if he or she gets that dining out at Disney is the only time I am able to enjoy eating out. The one’s that get it, excel all expectations and the ones that are maybe not on their game, still provide good meals but nothing that could compare to a chief that is totally focused on your meal for true enjoyment of that guest. Always get the name when you are 150% satisfied! That being said I am not trying to imply that a lot of my meals fall short, what I am saying is that when I meet certain chiefs they just get me, I am sure that is true for anyone. So again get the name of the chief when they cook your meals the way you like it.

Back to Brian, if you are lucky enough to be able to dine with him as your chief, sit back relax and know you are always in good hands. Happy dining!

Mrs. DVC Mike


I went to Epcot today, but it was way too crowded so I headed back to our resort.


Keep posting I love the pictures and comments, This is really helping me as I am going in 40 days and am incredibly anxious.


Mike, were you being sarcastic? You said it was way crowded, but I didn’t see one person in your pictures. Which, by the way, are absolutely fantastic. You always have the knack to make the person looking at them feel like they are there!


We should’ve traded weekends with you. :laugh:
When we arrived on the 16th we were freezing, but by the time we left on the 23rd it had warmed up enough for water activities.


Yes, I was posting with my tongue planted firmly in cheek.



You should have joined BossMouse and me Sat PM in EPCOT. He was buying. Of course, he did rough me up and stole my money afterwards. :laugh:


I wish I were at WDW right now and not the land of the flu bug. Love the pictures! No crowds…that would be SWEET! Enjoy your trip!