DVC Mike Live from BLT (12/5-12/12/09)


After a rather eventful drive, we finally made it to Walt Disney World today!

We left home early in the morning, as always, and it rained almost the whole way down. Luckily, the rain was light and not a bother at all.

I remarked to my wife how empty I-95 seemed today, and how much progress we had been making, only a while later to find I-95 completely blocked by an overturned truck in Brunswick, Georgia. After waiting an hour and a half for the road to be cleared, we were on our way.

When we got to the I-4 turnoff, we found it was closed due to an accident. After a little detour further down I-95, we cut across SR 44 to rejoin I-4.

We finally arrived at Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort around 1:30 pm, but our room wasn’t ready until 3:15 PM.

We got a Magic Kingdom view room on the 7th floor South side. We look straight out at Seven Seas Lagoon with the Grand Floridian in the center.

To the left is the Contemporary with the new, huge Mickey wreath. To the right is the MK, with a great view of the Castle and Space Mountain.

It’s cool, cloudy and overcast today, but the weather is supposed to get up into the upper 70’s later this week.

Our dinner reservations this week are:

Sat - The Wave at the CR
Sun - Citricos at the GF
Mon - Narcoossee’s at the GF
Tue - Liberty Tree Tavern at the MK (followed by MVMCP)
Wed - Kona Cafe at the Poly (after the DVC Annual Meeting)
Thu - California Grill at the CR (after the Merry Member Mixer)
Fri - would have been V&A at the GF, but we cancelled it and will probably eat offsite that night


Well, glad you made to safely. I am always glad to see your trip reports cause they are always follwed by the most beautiful pictures. Hope things go well for you both. Have fun!!


What a great view!! Have a great time. Looking forward to more pics.


What a beautiful view!


Great view! Can’t wait to read more!


Lovely view and great ADRs! Can’t wait for more updates!


I watched Wishes last night from my balcony, then woke up early to gaze out at the beatiful morning.

Although I greatly enjoyed the Lake View on my last trip, I think I prefer the MK view - it’s priceless.

We really enjoyed our meal at The Wave last night. This was our third time eating there. It’s a great casual TS where we both walk away satisfied. I enjoyed some organic beer and the flank steak. My wife was actually able to order off the menu (the vegetable stew), since it didn’t have any gluten, soy, etc in it.

We’ll eat there everytime we stay at BLT, since it’s so conveniently close.


Mike, you are feeding my excitement for our Spring break trip! We have a MK view for the first couple of days we are there. I can’t wait to see the view in person!


Our view of the Grand Floridian in the morning.

The Mickey wreath on the Contemporary Resort.


Sorry for the rough start, but sounds like you had a nice evening. Amazing views and great pics!


Yes, it is…we were on the 7th floor also rm 7728. Great pictures and have a great trip!


LOVE the Wave! Glad you had a good dinner there! Your pictures are great as usual, what floor was your room on?


We decided to have breakfast at The Wave this morning. It was very good. This is going to become our standard casual dining TS every time we stay at BLT.

This morning, I took a leasurely walk from BLT to the MK, past the MK to end the of the walkway where it reaches the canal next to the GF. Very relaxing, especially compared to the mobs of people entering the MK.


We had a very nice dinner at Citrico’s. I had the swordfish and my DW had grilled vegetables.

The Mickey wreath with it’s lights turned on

The Grand Floridian


Wonderful Pictures!! :wub:


Loving the Christmas decor!


amazing pictures! Can’t wait to stay there in April:)


Ah… jealous much, how about some pictures of the rooms? That would be great (:


Can’t wait to get down there. Four more work days then jumping on the plane!


DVC Mike, we were in room 7726 Nov. 6 - Nov 15th. The view was perfect.
We watched the Mickey go up on CR, they worked through the night. I see they have the lights fixed. After they had put the lights on Mickey they were turned on during the day not at night–lol . Dave had two web cams running, one people could move and one fixed towards MK. He also used a cable tie to secure the camera to the balcony and sat the camera on the ledge to film Wishes. It worked out wonderful. Another plus for staying on the MK side, you can hear the sound track for Wishes with no problem. It is like you are in the park. It is worth the extra cost in points if one can swing it. Kathy
*due to your great camera shots I went out and bought a Canon SD780. Oh my, what a great camera and it is being retired for a new model so for those interested, it is on clearance at Best Buy. Read a review that the camera replacing it lacks something this one has so there for the new one isn’t as great as this one. I also bought a 8 Gig card. Thank you for getting me back into taking pics! Keep those great shots coming. Even my husband replaced his older Canon digital elp with the SD780. One tiny cameral with fantastic results. I tried finding the one you told us you used but it is no longer available.