DVC Mike Live from BWV Mar 5-13


We drove down from North Carolina to Walt Disney World on Saturday, March 5, to spend 8 nights at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas in a 1 bedroom.

Due to an accident on I-95 south of Jacksonville, our drive took longer than expected. We arrived and our room was ready. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the room.

We had a nice meal at the Captain’s Grille at the Yacht Club.

Our ADRs this trip include Flying Fish Café, Le Cellier (now Signature), 50’s Prime Time Café, Yachtsman Steakhouse, Biergarten and Coral Reef.

I went down to the Boarwalk Bakery to grab a cafe latte, and I took these photos. It’s nice to be “back home”!

NOTE: You can click on a photo if you’d like to see a slighter larger version on Flickr.

DM_110306_061028 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110306_062640 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110306_062724 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110306_063908 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


NOTE: You can click on a photo if you’d like to see a slighter larger version on Flickr.

DM_110306_062128 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110306_062520 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110306_063012 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110306_064032 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


Beautiful pictures as always. I always look forward to seeing what beautiful things you capture next.


Beautiful pictures Mike; what kind of camera do you have - your night shots are Fabulous!


Yay!! Another trip report, its been a while since we’ve had a new one!! Beautiful pictures!! Can you post a few of the rooms as we are hoping to stay at BWV in August!!


These are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more!!


Those are beautiful pictures!!! I can’t wait to read your trip report and see more pictures!


I was so excited because DVC Mike TR = Gorgeous Pictures! And I was not disappointed. More, please! :happy:


Always love it when Mike posts his photos!


I use a Nikon D7000, which I really love using.


Well, no theme parks yet (that’s typical for me). Today, we decided to get relaxed. So I got a 90-minute massage and the wife got a 2-hour massage - in our room. Yeah, I know, we’re really roughing it. But somebody has to. Now we’re in the mood for a vacation.

I did walk over to the International Gateway of Epcot to purchase a Disney Premier Passport, but they are only sold at the front Guest Relations. Rather than hoof it, I took the Friendship boat over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With the pier at the Yacht Club closed for maintenance, that was one less stop I had to worry about.

Once at DHS, I paid Disney the princely sum of $722.75 for the Premier Passport. Ouch! I’ll use it tomorrow when I visit Epcot, and at Disneyland in May.

Tonight, we’re having dinner at the Flying Fish Café - one of our favorites.

I hope to post some nice photos of Epcot tomorrow.


DO you know what settings you used on that first one?


If you click on the photo and go into Flick, you’ll see something like “This photo was taken x hours ago using a Nikon D7000”. If you click on the Nikon D7000 link, you can see all the settings I used on that particular photo (the EXIF data).

For the first one: 16-85 lens @ 48mm, ISO 100, f/7.1 aperture, and a shutter speed of 1.3 seconds.


Wow! Your pictures are awesome!


Thanks. Wow, your even using the same lense I do.


Sounds like a relaxing start to your trip!! As usual your photos are AMAZING and are making me more and more excited for my own trip soon!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds for you and the wifey:biggrin:


I can’t wait to hear and see more!


A TRIP REPORT YEA!!! And it is a DVCMike report which I too know will have some amazing phots. I can’t wait to read more, I am in DESPERATE need of a TR fix.


Well, Monday morning was very overcast - just gray sky and no sun. It was a bit cool too, so I had to don a sweatshirt to keep me warm.

We wandered over to Epcot, and since it was overcast, I decided to take pictures of mostly the topiaries. After all, my typical landscape shot would look ugly as heck with this sky.

So, here come many pictures of topiary after topiary. If you’re not into this, you may want to avoid the Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot. Otherwise, you may enjoy seeing these.

On with the topiaries! (what a strange word, by the way)

Peter Pan

DM_110307_090156 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

Captain Hook

DM_110307_090210 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


DM_110307_090224 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

DM_110307_090856 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


DM_110307_091010 by DVC Mike, on Flickr



DM_110307_091046 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


DM_110307_091356 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


DM_110307_091410 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


DM_110307_091432 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

Inside Bambi’s Butterfly House

DM_110307_092150 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

Outside Bambi’s Butterfly House

DM_110307_092716 by DVC Mike, on Flickr

Mickey and Friends

DM_110307_093530 by DVC Mike, on Flickr


DM_110307_093652 by DVC Mike, on Flickr