DVC: New Logo?


What do you all think of the new DVC logo?



Well, I liked the other one, but this is cute…


I like it but I think I think I like the other one better.


I have mixed feelings. On one hand, the globe really ties into the different vacation possibilities. The old one was dated and an update was overdue but I’m leaning more towards “miss” than “hit” wioth this one. Certainly less colorful than the old logo.


I love it- much nicer than the old one


I don’t care what the logo looks like, both are great – just get me into a 2-bedroom at Aulani! :smiley:


Me TOOO!!!


Like it~:heart:


I like it - I will need to change my signature


It doesn’t bother me as long as my member dues don’t go up to pay for making the change on all the documentation/signage at the resorts etc.


I like it a lot better!


Like it, but I will miss the old one.


Normally I am a traditionalist but I actually like the new one!