DVC non-home resort


I noticed that we can book online now. This is a great feature. I was talking with a friend the other day and he said it is very hard to book BCV if it’s not your home resort. I wondered if anyone has some experience booking BCV as your non home resort. We are at SSR and we are not planning until 2013 (I know it’s far away but the planning is what keeps me from missing it too much.) We would love to stay for 12 day at the BCV but I am afraid it may be impossible if it’s not your home resort. Has anyone been on the waitlist and what was the outcome?
Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance!


I booked a studio at BCV at the 7 month window for the end of April, beginning of May. All nights I wanted were available. I think it all depends on what time of year you want. Probably will be hard to book around Food and Wine, and Christmas, but it is possible. You may want to have a Plan B put together, say a split stay, and then waitlist the nights you didn’t get.


I think Beth is right about it depending on what time of year you book at. I tried to book at the 7 month window for the beginning of F & W and couldn’t get in. But when I called at the end of January to book a trip in February (I was like 3 weeks from when I wanted to go) I had asked for OKW, which they didn’t have but surprisingly they had BCV, so we stayed there and with some good advice from my fellow mousebuzzers, we had a room on the 5th floor facing EPCOT and could watch the fireworks from our room. Good luck with getting your reservation.


It’s a small resort and fairly popular but it can be done. We have booked both a studio and a two bedroom at the 7 month mark with no trouble (July). Food and wine and Christmas would be tough and probably spring break but it’s possible other time of the year. All you can do is try then plan a back up resort that you’ll be happy with.


We are hoping for last week Sept first week Oct. Just in time for food and wine. I will be online as soon as I can and cross my fingers. Maybe my odds will be better because our first day is before the f & wine starts.
Thanks for all the advice.


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Last yr early Dec, we got a studio at BCV and for this May 15 - 20 we have a 1 bedroom. Both trip we had booked elsewhere and at seven months got a few days. And at time went on, we ended up with all the days we wanted. For the May trip, I was concerned getting the days because May 20th is the end of the garden thing and the first star wars weekend. If fact, the saturday night was requested about 3 weeks ago and it came thru last week.


That is a good strategy! I think that is what I will do. We want Sept 21 - Oct 2, 2013. I believe the Food and Wine will start right in the middle of our trip I am hoping if I get online early enough each day I will have a pretty good chance. I really don’t want a split trip but I will if I have to.


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I love that cupcake shirt!!! I am going to my Forever 21 to see if they have it. I must get it!!!

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On topic: I am crossing fingers and really hope you get BCV!!


[QUOTE=Dana;1106307]I love that cupcake shirt!!! I am going to my Forever 21 to see if they have it. I must get it!!!

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On topic: I am crossing fingers and really hope you get BCV!![/QUOTE]

I hope you get the shirt! I thought of you when I saw it!


I know not everyone likes split stays, but we do a split stay almost everytime. Now it’s usually just DH and I, so that does make it easier.

Our trip in Dec we stayed at BLT for 4 nights and then BCV for 5 nights. We loved, loved,loved being able to walk to MK for a few days, then we moved and walked to Epcot and HS. We had decided not to go to AK this trip.

For this trip, we will have our DD and two DGDs with us. So while at BCV, we will go to MK, Epcot, and HS. (being able to walk to HS during star wars weekend will be a good thing I think) And then we will be at AKV kidani in a savanna view for a few days. My DGDs have never been at that resort. I can’t wait to see the girls being able to see animals from the room.