DVC On-Line Booking


I was just on my DVC Homepage and I love the new on-line booking feature! Has anyone else tried it?


I haven’t booked anything, but it does look great. You can see your waitlists and you can check "what if"s all you want without waiting on hold or answering 20 questions before getting to a person.


Wow, your one of the lucky ones. From what I read, they were only making it available to a small amount of DVCer’s to test the system, so not everyone yet has the option to see it. Not sure when they will make available to everyone.

***Did a little digging. I’m assuming we are past that testing stage that I mentioned, because in reading around other sources, it looks like everyone has it available to them now. Gonna go fiddle with some dates!:laugh:


This is going to be dangerous! I have already checked availability for 3 trips I really cannot take. LOL


I just played with it too and love it! I could see my wait lists and everything!


Wish I could see my waitlists granted.:crying: I still have time, but we have a tues, wed night at BCV and thur to tues at AKV. We were hoping for 4 nights at BCV, but the thur night is booked. Not Friday night, just the thur night. I’m afraid to book the friday night and hope we get the thur. and I’m too cheap to pay cash for the one night. Even with the DVC discount, I think it would still be around $450-$500 for one night in a 1 BR.


I know how you feel Jo Jo! I log on to DVC every day to see if my waitlist for Aulani has been granted. I even called yesterday to see if there was a partial week available, but there’s not a single 2 bedroom available. It looks like the resort will be pretty full when we are there. We were able to book 2 studios, one island view, the other pool view because everything was so booked at that was on the morning of the 7 month window!! I’m with you, I don’t want to pay the cash rate!! So my fingers remain crossed for your wait list and mine to come through for us! :cool:


I have my first waitlist for Grand Califonian and am crossing my fingers. I have a back up cash ressie at the Park Vue outside the gates.


On-line booking is really great!! I use it a lot.

But I am concerned that there is no rest period when you really want to book something.

It used to be that after 5:30, if you weren’t sure about that room, you could think it over until the next morning. Now, that room can disappear at any time!!

The price of progress…

But I think that since they don’t need as many people answering the phone, shouldn’t our MF’s go down?