DVC Point Calculator for PalmOS?


Does anyone know if a DVC point calculator exists for PalmOS?
I’ve been wishing for one for quite some time…


Well, I have never found one, but I have a couple of solutions:

  1. There is an online point calculator at:

It seems to be accurate, and easier than trying to find the stuff on the Disney sheets.

  1. Adobe offers a palm version of their acrobat reader (Windows 98 required). You can download the point sheets for all of the DVC resorts from the DVC web site, and load them on your palm. You then have the sheets with you all the time, and can then look anything up if you have a question about it.

  2. There is a plam program called pdf2doc that converts pdf files to doc files to be read on the palm with a doc reader. I saves text only, so I don’t know how the formating would turn out on the DVC sheets, but it could be worth a try.