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Hi all. I really wanted to figure out some info on renting or buying DVC points. I am not a member. I was thinking about the purchase. My DH really don’t want to as he isnt into Disney as much a myself. Is it possible just to rent or buy points without being a member? If so how can I go about it and how do I figure out where to stay and how many points it cost? Lets just say I have points from another member will I be able to make the ressie or do I need to trust them to do it all for me? Will I need tickets or can I book a package? Also can I still be on the DDP or not?

Im so sorry for a million questions. Thanks for the info:heart:


We rented points for this past June. A member of this forum posted a thread offering point rental. Rlander PM’d them and they preceeded to let him know how much they wanted per point. I think the going rate at the time was around $10.00 a point. We rented enough points to stay at OKW for 7 nights.

NOW… the person that OWNS the DVC has to make all the reservations. You are NOT guaranteed a specific resort. They have to see what is still available for the dates you are staying. We paid the DVC member privately. They in return made the reservations and they put OUR NAME on the reservation. They received the confirmation in the mail and then forwarded it to us. It really was quite simple.


Wow! That sounds great. So will I post the times Im looking for?


That is what you should do. If you are flexible about which resort you would like, you should have no problem. Everybody wants to stay at the BCV, but they all are quite nice. Is there a bit of a trust factor on your part, I would stay with a referenced party, maybe someone from this site. We were renting out points, but have no more to spare. The going rate as far as I know is $10. per, some people are trying to be greedy asking for more. Good Luck. :cool:


Thanks for the info. I will have to look into points for next year. Do I post the dates Im looking for?


It certainly can’t hurt. Although if your trip is too far in advance the DVC members may not know at that time if they will have the points to spare.


Oh… Got ya! I will try it anyways and see what happens. Do you know if we need to purchase park tickets seperate or can we make a package? Also can we include DDP?


Sorry for all the questions. So say if I wanted to stay at the BCV on 12 27-2008/ 1-3-2009 how do I figure that out per this chart?
Premier Season
March 16 - 29
December 24 - 31
Sun - Thurs
Fri - Sat
Sun - Thurs
Fri - Sat
Sun - Thurs
Fri - Sat


We purchased our park tickets seperately. We did not do the DDP. I am not sure if we could being we were “renting” points. BUT… I am not an expert on this. Others my have additional info to help you out.


When we rented the points, we could have purchased the DDP through the DVC member. Also, if we would have used Magical Express, the member would have had to book that too.

Basically, if you are renting points, you get all the advantages that the members get, but the member must do all the booking for you. We even got a discount on meals at the DVC resorts just like a member.


Thanks honey!:tinkerbell:


When you rent points, you have the option of having the owner of the DVC tell Disney if you want the dining plan. They will add it to your reservation, and you pay upon check in.

Renting points works out great. It does take a certain trust factor, but the two times we’ve done it, the transaction was through a personal friend. Actually, one time it was a gift to us, so no $$ exchanged hands, but she did add the dining plan for us, which we paid in full upon check in.


Thanks for all the info guys. I will have to look into some more as I start to prepare.


Here is a great points chart site: Disney Vacation Club Point Charts 2009 points haven’t been released yet, but they shouldn’t change much (if any).

Note that December 24-31 is “Premier” season and Jan 1-31 is “Adventure” season…so rates drop on the 1st quite a bit! Because your first night is a Saturday during peak season, you might want to consider your first night at a value and then have Disney move your bags over (for free!) for the rest of your trip.

points for a studio at BCV are as follows:
December 27: 43 (Saturday)
December 28: 19 (Sunday)
December 29: 19 (Monday)
December 30: 19 (Tuesday)
December 31: 19 (Wednesday)
Jan 1st: 12 (Thursday)
Jan 2nd: 22 (Friday)
Jan 3rd: 22 (Saturday)
Total: 194 points at a studio


So basically it will run me around $1900:eek: I think a value resort is probally going to be my best bet. I dont know why I thought this was a cheaper way to go:confused:


In many cases, it would be “cheaper” to do a studio on points, but not during the “premier” times which is Christmas and Easter.

If you don’t mind moving a time (or two) You could stay Sun-Thurs nights at a DVC resort and the weekends at a value.

We are just going to miss you! We are leaving the day after Christmas. :frowning:


The time that you want to go is the highest peak time. You’ll pay more to stay anywhere during that season.

The real benefit is upgraded accomidations. Even the studio has a kitchenette. If you are a member, your cost would be about half of what the points are renting for, including the annual fees and the cost of buying the points divided by the total time.

(Please…no comments on cost of money or interest! It’s VACATION, not an investment.)

There are people who rent half of their points and vacation “free” but I haven’t been able to give up any of my points to do that.


You are right… I have no prob spending any kind of $ on Disney but my DH has other thoughts :laugh: I do want to look into buying the membership. I have to decided whats best at this time… I did look into the following week and it is much cheaper so maybe I should think about changing dates…


I was recently inquiring about DVC points for rent myself. I visited the DISboards website and there was someone who had 950 points for rent. I sent her an e-mail and she told me the cost per point, which was $10. The dates I was looking for was October/November 2008. I was quoted a 2 bedroom villa at OKW for $1200 for the week of Nov 2 - 7, 2008.

I would try the DISboards. I know that Christmas/New Year’s is PRIME season so the cost will be greater.


Thanks… I think for now I may stick to a value resort. Thanks:heart: