DVC questions


Ok…I got the DVD yesterday and watched it and was still lost. Can someone please take the time and explain how is works. Whats the cost to get started (estimate)? A general explanation would really help me understand it better so I can get into the DVC. Thanks!!


Ive read alot of threads on this but Im still lost…lol… :sad: What is points? What is renting them?


It will cost you about $14,000 to buy 150 points, the least amount you can buy through Disney. Each night you stay will cost you points. It will take a different number of points for a week long stay depending when you want to go and where you want to stay. Friday and Saturday night stays take more points than Sunday through Thursdays. Different times of the year take a different number of points per night.

You can rent/buy points from a member and use those points for your stay so you don’t have to actually be a DVC member to use points at a DVC resort.


Here is a chart of the number of points a stay will cost you to stay at Beach Club Villas.



The cost for buying points just went up. They were selling for $98.00 a point and they just went up to $101.00 a point. The good news is they seem to always be having some kind of a special.

To buy a DVC from Disney they start selling them at 150 points and up. After you are a member you can purchase additional points starting at 25 points at a time. You can finance through Disney or somewhere else.

Right now they are selling points at Saratoga Springs and you are purchasing them for the next 48 years. You then use those points for your vacations.

If you can not use all of your points in one year you can BANK them for the next years use or if you want you can rent them to someone else.

This is as much as I understand at this point.


IronLou, it can be very confusing at first. I have been researching it for 2 years and just became a member in January. I am SO happy I did!! The best way to cure the confusion is probably to ask as many specific questions as you can think of and we’ll do our best to answer them.

I will give you a brief run-down of my take on everything.

The DVC is based on a “points” system. The minimum amount of points you can buy from Disney is 150 (approximately $14,000). Once you purchased the desired amount of points appropriate for your vacationing needs you will then be able to book vacations through DVC’s member services. Every resort, time of the year, size of the room, length of vacation is assigned a different “point value.” For example, we are staying at the Boardwalk Villas in August for 107 points. Our annual allotment of points is 160 so this STILL leaves us 53 points for that year to use maybe on a small 3 night trip later in the year OR we can “bank” them to apply to a future vacation.

You ARE responsible for “annual dues” which cover maintanence costs, etc… just like any time share. Currently, our annual dues for our “home resort” of Saratoga Springs is approximately $630./year.

You DO get many monetary priveleges once you DO become a member including a HUGE discount of WDW annual passes, special Disneyland Resort offerings, merchandise discounts, availability to the Disney Dining Plan, free valet parking, etc.

Don’t forget, you can ALSO use your points to visit locations ALL OVER the world, NOT just Disney locations. We are even planning on using some points in '07 for a hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

I hope that has helped. Please feel comfortable to ask any more questions you may have. We have lots of friendly “pros” here on DC :smile:


WOW Wish! Tokyo, Japan - How exciting. I can’t wait to hear more! :mickey:


How about Passes to the park? Are those included at all? I traveled the internet yesterday and did some more reading and research to better understand the DVC.


No, tickets to the parks are not included. Although, DVC members get a $100 discount off of annual park passes (making it $300 per adult for the basic). This usually pays off to buy one b/c a 7-day “magic your way” can come out to be nearly that much for ONE vacation.


We try to “bookend” our vacations around an annual pass. For example, in year one, go the 3rd week of May and buy/activate the annual pass. The next year, go the first or second week of May…annual pass is still valid, park admission is already paid for. So really, we just have to pay for transporation and food for the 2nd year’s vacation. Now that DVC members can buy the dining plan, that helps save $ too. And with the current discounts on the annual passes for DVC members, it’s even better.


Thanks for the info everyone…still reading up on this DVC stuff…I get :confused: reading all this and learning about it