DVC resales


We are looking at DVC and thinking of a resale. Can anyone recommend who they got their resale from. I know about Timeshares Store. I have seen resales Reid Realty. Has anyone used them? Any information would be appreciated.

We are trying to weight all our options and see if financially it would save us in the long run. Looks like we will go at least one time yearly. We are having a hard time justifying it. We have looked at the pionts charts and wonder if we would be okay in a studio (2 adults and 1 child). Think we would rather have ful kitchen in a 1 bedroom but that is more points. We like to go in October and with my son starting school next year may have to go in the summer. We also see that Old Key West uses the least number of points and we were considering that resort.

Financially we can’t afford another payment but if we go yearly it… Any information would be helpful. Also is there a place where you can see how many points it takes to go somewhere else other than Disney World to use your points. Does 150-200 points let you go other places???


We used the Timeshare Store, and the were great. I have also heard good things about dvcbyresale.com. They are small, but I have heard they have good service.

The nice thing about DVC is that you are not stuck to a certain room type. One time you go you can go in a studio, the next time, you can get a one bedroom. The studios are similar to a deluxe hotel’s standard rooms. Two big queen size beds, a sitting area, balcony plus a kitchenette with fridge and microwave.

If you usually go and stay in the All-Stars, it probably does not make sense for you. If you usually stay in a moderate or deluxe, and you do go every year or so, it will make sense for you.

As far as going other places besides Disney ( I would assume you mean also other than Hilton Head and Vero Beach), don’t plan your purchase on that. They are fairly expensive, compared to Disney, and are used mostly as a way to use your points instead of losing them. Plus, if you have 150 points a year, you can have as many as 450 at one time to use, so you will have no problem going anywhere except for possibly a cruise or something similar.

We purchased at OKW for about the same reason you did, plus that the maintenance fees are less there. We stay there about half of the time, and elsewhere the other half. We were at Beach Club Villas for a week in March, and will be at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge this weekend. You just need to purchase somewhere where you are happy to stay if you can’t get in somewhere else. Also, remember that the points at Saratoga Springs will come to you until 2053 instead of 2043 like the other DVC resorts. Of course, if I am still alive in 2043, I will be happy.


Thanks Mickey. It really is a hard decision. Thank you for your input. I don’t think in our case the extra years at Saratoga Springs would matter because we will be in our late 90’s by then. Our son will be 5 when we go this year on his birthday Oct. 16 and we’re staying at Port Orleans FQ. We have stayed at the Poly the past 2 years because of bump up (CBR renovation) and last year pay 4 get 3 nights. So I think it might be a good thing for us. We have been discussing this for weeks and have received the information packet from DVC and have figured the points charts backwards and forwards. 150 pts. might do us but 200 I think would be better but of course more money. Decisions, decisions decisions.


If you are going to purchase, definitely go resale. You can save money that way. And purchase at OKW if possible because they have the lowest maintenece fees. Even though we go every year, we decided it is not for us because the fees are what we typically pay for a room with a discount.


You do know that DVC is willable and transferrable in your family until your purchase years run out. My parents bought into Saratoga this year, and they are in their fifties. I was added onto the purchase I will be thirty-five this year and they have the full intention of adding my DD when she is eighteen. She was the reason that the purchase was made, so that she will be able to take her children and so on for the next fifty years, and at the age of 11, she will only be 61. She should have a lot of disney properties to choose from by then to take her children and grandchildren to. She will also be the sole owner as I will be 85. and along the way we can keep adding on points if we wish to.


Thanks everyone. No I didn’t know it would he transferrable. That is something else to consider.


One other thing to note is that discounts on hotel rooms are in no way guaranteed, so please don’t base your purchase based on discounted room prices. For years, the room rates were rising at 10% per year, and discounts were few and far between. We will see a return of this sometime in the future. While you may be able to get a room at a moderate for $85 now, it will not be so for long.