DVC Reservation Question- shows as two itineraries



I just gotta ask, if anyone knows this.

The online checkin site is malfunctioning tonight, and that has me aggravated. An aggravated Corey tends to worry about needless things. So, here is my worry/wonderment of tonight.

We rented points from DVCRentalStore (Highly recommend these guys, can’t say that enough) for the 18-25th at Bay Lake Tower. 8 days.

The reservation however on MyDisney is showing as two itineraries, 18th-19th, and then the 19th-25th. I am guessing because it is DVC and a normal res is 7 days. I am blowing it off and saying “hey, no biggie, it will be one room for 8 days” but my worrisome wife is affecting “aggravated Corey” and now making me wonder.

Anyone know or am I talking jibberish and need to just hush?

LOL. Thanks guys!


Last time we went to Disney, I had originally booked for 8 days and then decided to add an additional day becaus the airfare was lower if I came back a day later. Disney couldn’t expand my reservation, so they had to hook my reservations together which had two reservation numbers. Because I had two reservation numbers, even though they were hooked together, I couldn’t do on-line check in. I did call Disney to make sure everything was okay and it was. I thought maybe the problem was because they were updating their computers, but maybe the computer doesn’t pick up the reservation. I’m sure your reservation is fine, but I would still call in the AM just to be sure. Hope this helped, and enjoy your trip.


That is the problem, we rented points. But I will trust it is fine. If my wife is freaking out tomorrow I will check with DVCRentalStore and have them check. Thanks DOMM!


No, DVC isn’t like typical timeshares…no set weeks. You can book 1 night if you want to. I actually have 2 1 night stays booked in Oct…

Guessing you have it figured out by now but here is a guess.

Based on your countdown timer, it looks like you had a split reservation at two resorts, which would give you 2 reservation numbers. If they changed it to one, it’s possible that they were able to change the one reservation easier and link the two together.

ALSO, they did some changes to the reservation system which resulted in some reservation number changes.

Another possibility is that they may have combined points from 2 different owners.


Actually, it is one reservation number. But shows as two itineraries. That is the weird part.