DVC resort preferance


Which DVC resort do you prefer. I am really looking forward to staying at Kidani in January. I love the location of Bay Lake Tower, but it requires quite a few more points to stay. I have also always wanted to stay at the Beach Club Villas. So for those of you who have stayed at both, which do you prefer and why?


It’s so hard to choose between Bay Lake Tower & Kidani Village. They are both spectacular but in different ways. BLT trumps for location & transportation options. AKV trumps for atmoshpere & the animals. They are both a favorite of mine.


Selected BC, but our favorite is VWL.


We Love BCV. The theme and feeling of the resort just fits us.


I selected Bay Lake Towers. But my favorite is Boardwalk.


I chose BLT simply because of the location…it can’t be beat!

It’s a hard choice, they’re all great resorts!


Bay Lake Tower all the way!
Contemporary furnishings (contemporary two ways, very much modern and up to date and also complimentary to the furnishings and decorations in the Contemporary), location, view and all the dinning options on the beam at your fingertips.


My choice is BLT for the views and location. I also love Kidani!


I’m happy at any DVC property. We’ve stayed at BCV and Kidani and I loved them both - although the dim lighting at Kidani is a little too dark for me - that being said, the Savannah views are terrific. I’d choose BLT - because I’ve never stayed there, plus I LOVE the contemporary style - and we could walk to the MK.


Out of these choices I chose Kidani Village, although I will say that I actually like the Jambo House side of AKV much better. Our all time favorite though is VWL.


I’ve stayed at all 3 places. My favorite of those is definiately a toss up between BLT and Kadani. I choose Kadani because I really enjoyed being able to relax watching the animals. Yet it really depends on who and why I’m going. If it’s with the family…Kadani I would lean towards. If it was for a girls trip the I love the BLT.
BLT was great, in the action and lots of fun for us. LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the fireworks every night without even leaving our resort if we so choose. Yet, with my kids I feel it would be a bit too much as we all need to escape and relax a bit so no one gets overwhelmed.
Almost forgot…Beach club. As all Disney resorts are WONDERFUL it has it’s place too. But it would be my third choice from what you were questioning about.
Enjoy! I don’t get to visit again for a while.