DVC Sleeper Sofas


What’s the comfort level on the sleeper sofas? I noticed most of the DVC rooms under 2 bedroom have sleeper sofas as the second bed. Are these comfortable for one night, let alone for a full week?


We’ve always found the sofa sleeper to be in good shape and pretty comfortable. It is a sofa bed but Disney has some of the nicest I’ve seen. I haven’t slept on one for a week but I have crashed on a couple for a night or two and found it to be fine.


DD and DS are having no trouble sleeping through the night. DS says “it’s just OK”. DD says it’s good. I’ll keep the king.


I’ve had REALLY uncomfortable ones and comfortable ones. We’ve had two at SSR that were HORRIBLE, but last time we stayed there we got a different model and it was really comfortable. The one at AKV was comfortable but the one we had a Boardwalk was like laying on a board of wood with a sheet on top of it. :laugh:

Never tried the one at WLV when we stayed there.


One time when we stayed at BCV the sofa was really uncomfortable. My mom called down to the front desk and they had mousekeeping send up a cushion or something like that for it that made sleeping on the sofa alot more comfortable.


Bad…at least at SSR in our room.
Too bad for my darling sister that decided to tag along on the trip! ROFL~
About day 3 after her complaining about needing a chiropractor we asked for an eggcrate but it only helped a little. (She layed on my bed with DD to fill out the scrapbooks and I think she either got jealous or just realized how bad hers was!)
She said it was like sleeping on a 2 inch thick hard sheet of foam.


We bring a queen air mattress and put that on top. Very comfortable then.


bad at SSR really good at AKL. I guess it all depends.


It was just okay at SSR earlier this year. I actually found it more comfortable to sleep on it in it’s sofa form, not pulled out, but that only works because I sleep curled up on my side. If I had to sleep with my legs stretched out, it would not have worked.


The sofa sleepers at Wilderness Lodge were comfortable, but at OKW not as good. I wouldn’t say it was unbearable just not as good WL.